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  • coolbreeze1168 coolbreeze1168 Apr 27, 2000 12:58 PM Flag

    What is wrong with this stock??

    1 month ago stock is flying , trading 140 or so, now look at it?? Any comments?

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    • I was confused thanks for clearing that up. I
      bailed today at $87 but I ain't makin the money Falcon
      makes. I guess I'm a little trigger shy of the market in
      general. One day it's the DOW the Next the NASD. I guess
      after the big drop I just want some cash free just in
      case. I hope things solidify but if not then these 10%
      swings over a few days can be worth a fortune. MSFT
      seems to be a waning issue but inflation and peoples
      strange reaction to is the wildcard. Have a good an
      peaceful weekend all.

    • CYBG could be next SPYG, IMO. Earnings out 5/1,
      CC on 5/2 at 3 p.m.EST, 1-600-521-5476, passcode
      709965. Great
      turn-around story, great high-end
      security appliance. You may want to check Yes I own the
      stock at $4, has been as high
      as $16 this year. Has already made its first
      operatin profit last Q.

    • You humility is a refreshing sight. I commend you for it. This is a great board and this is a great stock. SLAP ISSX and hold on to your hats for Microsoft!

    • I suppose as a long term SLAPper I'd better read
      it. BTW in England the word "slapper" has completely
      different connotations. It describes the kind of female...
      well maybe that's not for this board.

      And, even
      more off subject. Too bad about Giuliani. How long
      will it be before Hillary plays me too and goes for
      the sympathy vote by announcing she also has prostate

    • application_architect application_architect Apr 28, 2000 12:47 AM Flag

      I do not find your trading strategy insulting. I
      do the same type of trading with only some

      I find it assinine when others, not you, and not
      necessarily ISSX board poster, say "oh I shorted at the days
      high" or shorted at the days high. Like I sold ISSX at
      141 or some such idocy. When I read your note that
      you sold at 83, I immediately concluded, brashly and
      wrongly that you were posting crap.

      Sorry about

      Are you really an Atlanta Falcon cheerleader like
      someone suggested here? If so, I truely take my words

    • speak of "mistakes" when you're trading a
      good stock. ISSX could easily take off from here, or
      at any other time. So is it a "mistake" to have sold
      it? If that's the thinking, then the trader is in for
      a lot of woe...he will never be "right."

      think a trader should simply be in it for the money,
      and not to be "right." Falcon, you just made a good
      trade. You made money. You won your game. But the minute
      you feel the need to be will

      It doesn't matter what the stock does tomorrow. You
      won, and the victory can't be taken away from you.
      Tomorrow you can start a new game, either with ISSX or
      with another stock. I'd say you were doing pretty

      If there is a "mistake" to be made in this game, I
      think it's this need to be "right."

    • I do not claim to be a guru. I am just happy to
      make some money on ISSX. I think ISSX is a great
      company with outstanding management and products. As a
      result, I am willing to bet my hard earn money on

      I am basically a trader that uses technical
      analysis on fundamentally sound companies for entry and
      exit points. $83 was a good exit point as far as I was

      Can ISSX trade much higher tomorrow? Of
      course...However my trading strategy works for me. If you are long
      and willing to hold ISSX for the long-term actually I
      think you will do quite well.

      We both can be
      successful owing ISSX using different strategies. I have
      never shorted ISSX because I believe this an
      outstanding company althought it probably got ahead of itself
      when it traded in the high $130's.

      Best of luck
      with your ISSX position. I am sure I will buy ISSX
      again. At what price? not sure...but if we dip to
      $76-$76 1/2 tomorrow I will be long ISSX again.

      Why do you find my strategy so insulting?...I am up
      over $45K trading ISSX and my first purchases were at
      $98 and $105 so I guess trading ISSX versus holding
      the stock has worked for me at least

      Moreover, I make plenty of mistakes. Maybe selling ISSX at
      $83 was a mistake...It will not be the first one or
      the last one that I promise you.

      By the way I
      am not 14...I am 36...Pauly sorry to disappoint but
      I am a He not a She. The handle is confusing...long

      Best wishes to you architect. Always keep an open
      mind. Sometimes you might learn something worthwhile.
      If ISSX moves much higher from here without dipping
      below $83...well my congrats to you.


    • application_architect application_architect Apr 27, 2000 11:38 PM Flag

      For Falcon's sake, I hope for another downward headfake on Friday (closing up +6 after the headfake of course).

      I was wrong - and this is not a garbage board. Sorry about that.


    • 14 huh? I agree that all should call off the dogs
      on ol' Falcon ( out of respect ), but we all assume
      we are dealing with adults here who can take the
      rough stuff ( not too rough, tho' ). Cutting down on
      the play by play might help, but I already got told
      for mentioning that before. ;-)

    • yea lets be alittle civilized here. we're all in this to make money and there are many roads that lead us there. take what ever road you wish but dont condem others for their choices.

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