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  • niles.brinkley niles.brinkley Oct 18, 2012 9:14 PM Flag

    Is This A Scam or Just A Total POS?

    Is this even trading anymore?

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    • This is a co. fighting for its survival. They have absolutely fantastic products with no follow thru. However they have new partners and new money. I bought one million shares @.016 betting that they will get off the ground. If they don't I've lost a few bucks. I think their products will lift them up coupled with their new partners.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Have you visited their website recently. You can see the influence of their new money. It is not a lot it is enough to get through this run up to the government contract. Also look at the new additions to their advisory boards. Some great credentials. I think defense contractors are like investors, they look at the potential and are impressed. They look at the track record and are not sure they want to be a part of this. My hunch is that the new influences will win out. The science is sound, management is not. I mean it is a true penny stock. Certainly no stock scam here there is no beginning bag to hold. The stockholders before us are the ones really hurt. I'm betting this will turn around. Again, I can afford the loss, if it comes to that. I would not bet the rent money. I am a speculator if this wins it wins big if it loses the loss is small.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Can you tell what new partners you are talking about & what new money? Thank you.

      • Think you are going to have a loss. Good luck though.