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  • dayz_n_confzd dayz_n_confzd Jul 29, 2003 1:59 PM Flag

    Now, a moment of silence . . .

    Ummm. . . about your first paragraph, my sentiment exactly!

    Good luck with extricating from your positions here. Ya might want to try a 12-step program, like open a long position to hedge against your short ones. Here are a few proposals.

    Step one - ya gotta get over The Nile* that this stock can still go up (*it's not the river in Egypt.)

    Step two - Forget the options idea that Spec proposed. Are ya kiddin' me, Spec? Options are not for the faint of heart. Trust me, many of us don't realize that those price quotes on the screen are 1000x. LOL

    Step three - Throw out the charts. If you know how to read them, so do the money house whose sole purpose is to make money and more money, at all costs. If the charts don't work for you then you bet they don't work for the big guys either. But the big guys don't play to lose. . .

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