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  • clauteubaratanickto clauteubaratanickto Sep 5, 2003 4:55 AM Flag


    Electronic arts is a thing of the past .Sony is screwing them !! NEW Play station is delayed AT LEAST TWO MORE YEARS !!!! MAY DELAY 5 MORE YEARS MAYBE NEVER. Sony is going to go thier OWN WAY .They are screwing erts,and the rest.MSFT is doing the same thing ! Msft dosnt need anyone but msft.They can easily hire poeple to write games here and in asia.Sony is looking out for sony.PLAY STATION HAS BEEN HALTED as far as erts goes!!!That is A great reason for the THE ERTS INSIDERS ARE SELLING every single share they have! accounting investagation still under w3hat the ceos said themselves yesterday.....bad bad bad....erts >>>.LOS ANGELES, Sept 4 (Reuters) - Top executives of two of the leading video game publishers on Thursday said they had given up hope of any more sales-boosting price cuts on video game hardware this year.
    One of the pair also said it would likely be two years or more before the release of a new generation of hardware, awaited as the next catalyst for the next industry growth cycle.
    Both Activision Inc. (NasdaqNM:ATVI - News) President Ron Doornink and THQ Inc. (NasdaqNM:THQI - News) Brian Farrell said further price cuts on the current generation of hardware from Sony Corp. (Tokyo:6758.T - News), Microsoft Corp. (NasdaqNM:MSFT - News) and Nintendo Co. Ltd. (7974.OS) were unlikely this year.
    Doornink, in a presentation at a Credit Suisse First Boston conference in New York, referred to industry hopes that the three hardware makers would have lowered their prices this summer, but said, "It looks like we're not going to get that."
    In a separate presentation at the CSFB conference, THQ's Farrell said he also did not expect further price cuts this year, and said he was not necessarily happy with a move by Sony to instead bundle the PlayStation 2, an online adapter and a game for $199 instead of cutting the price.
    "I was less than thrilled," Farrell said, though he added that, based on conversations between his sales force and THQ's customers, retailers were not lowering their PS2 sales estimates for the year.
    He did, however, say he thought Sony could fall 500,000 to 1 million units short of a sales goal of 10 million units for the year.
    ....insiders dupin every share!!!!

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    • You are one negative motherf*cker! Nothing ever comes out of you but "doom and gloom". In case you didn't know it, ERTS isn't in the hardware business! They make software and with the number of consoles already out there, the market for new games is huge. They don't need more hardware to be sold, although that's a plus, they just need to write more new games.
      We only need to worry when people find something more entertaining to do in their spare time besides playing games. If that ever happens, and I believe it will, then ERTS may be in trouble....unless they are part of the new activity. Why don't you just take a couple of "happy pills" and relax. You are boring us!

    • Goodbuy to erts........from sony...

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      • Is it possible to make an intelligent post? Let me ask you a question - do you think Sony is committed to the video game industry? If yes, then how do you think they are going to sell the millions and millions of PS3 systems when they are released in 2006? They will do so with the massive help of the largest publisher of video games in the world - ERTS.
        The PS2 is now Sony's only driver of growth. So what if they delay by one year the release of the PS3. And did you honestly think the PS3 would be released next year? Do you know how much time and effort and money it takes to create a next generation console? And do you realize how much money it's going to cost the publishers to make games for a PS3? The only company currently big enough to dominate software for the next gen platforms is ERTS!
        When the PS3 is released, ERTS will only get bigger...

    • Feel free to browse through the message board from a year ago...even two years ago, you'll see the same "predictions" and it still hasn't happened....all the while EA has moved from $50's...$60's...through the $70's...$80's and now $90/share. Some prediction.

      Oh, and EA wasn't around in the late seventies.

    • still time to dump after hour for SOME BAGHOLDERS. some NEWS service will find out what sony told game ceos about more delay,not even a geuss as when .bad ,sony said 'come back after the holidays and maybee we will know something then...and oh yeah by the way you know that price cut we were supposed to give you...'forget that altogether".....ggodbuy to erts singned SONY.

    • My Apple II was around in the late seventies and Trip started selling his software under the name Electronic Arts in 1982 as I remember. You will witness Electronic Arts cut in half.

    • >My Apple II was around in the late seventies and Trip started selling his
      >software under the name Electronic Arts in 1982 as I remember.

      Ah yes . . . Bill Budge's Pinball Construction Set, Dr. J and Larry Bird go One on One, Ultima, etc. The good old days. :-)

      >You will witness Electronic Arts cut in half.

      Perhaps. I'd say it deserves a haircut. But a larger market down-turn could chop it down heavily.

    • You still short this thing spec?

    • Spec, I remember this like it was yesterday. I went down and bought the first EA titles that were available. They were incredible. Do you remember a game called Bandits for the Apple II? (Not an EA title I don't think) This was another of my favorites. What about Wavy Navy?

      The entire Nasdaq is about to get a haircut.

    • "Ultima, etc."

      ---Hey now, give props where due, Origin was not part of EA until relatively recently. Blasphemer! Richard did his own thang, yo :)


      Your memory is faulty. Sorry. Regardless, I agree those first few years for EA were tremendous, and I was amoung those who waited eagerly for my copy of 7 Cities of Gold to arrive, for example, or M.U.L.E. And so on. Good times =P

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