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  • chopped_liver_is_me chopped_liver_is_me Sep 24, 2003 1:04 PM Flag

    OPEC the bastards

    Those damn Arabs will stick it to the world any way they can. Braindead bastards have got us by the short hair and they know it. They are the real risk to the stock market and the world economy. If the Democrats would stop blocking exploring for oil in a tiny part of Alaska, we could get a little bit of independence from OPEC.

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    • I totally agree with you Buk.

      Look out for Joey Multi-Pass to create another ID for him to converse with and bash you with now...

    • Another bomb outside a hotel housing NBC press this morning, Rumsfeld yesterday stated we will call up another 10,000 reservists and national guard because there are not enough foreign troops. Just a newsflash for you Prozac. Because i have a brother over means i have something tangible to lose dipshit, hence my "severe reaction" and hence my emotion. This is the second time you have attacked me unprovoked, the first time you posted false trades which i had to correct. BTW, the world is better off without Saddam. Was that the justification for war we were told? No. Is it justification for war now in light of no WMD's? I say no, and if that is our NEW policy then we better remove every brutal dictator on this planet. I would have been perfectly happy if BUSH had sent 50 cruise missiles into Baghdad instead of now 150,000 troops to fight terror and kill Saddam. One last question Prozac, Iraq is almost the size of Texas. So if there was a terrorist bomb that blew up a federal building in Texas who would INVESTIGATE it? We would have Homeland defense,FBI and CIA investigating because terrorists hide amongst the population. We wouldn't send 150,000 troops who can't speak the language and expect them to fight terror when they can't find the enemy. "Infantile Shrieking" HAHAHA i guess that comment equates me to a WHINER. I think i'll get a TATTOO.

    • Just what I thought, more infantile shrieking from you.

      I never once said that I was against the troops, or think that they have it easy, or am happy about how the public was sold on the war or many other things. I simply responded to your ridiculous post with facts and questions, none of which you were able to answer.

      You seem to have some emotional problems, that was a pretty severe reaction to someone calling you on a bunch of phoney statements. And just because your brother is serving in the armed forces doesn't mean that you are, your implication that you have a greater claim to patriotism than the rest of us is offensive.

    • >It's hard to hear you with your head so far up your a**. Big words from someone who
      >couldn't respond, only insult a state(I do not live in california).

      Nothing is quite as funny as seeing someone who can't follow a thread lob insults. ;-)

    • >AND...........most of the liberals and homos in the country.
      >California needs "the big one" to cleanse the U.S. of a canker!

      Ah, OK. Have fun at tonight's cross-burning!


    • From Bush playbook number rule number 153.
      When someone disagrees with the BUSH administration, say " You are an unamerican liberal who is just giving aid and comfort to the enemy". Clinton had his apologist hacks and BUSH has plenty as well. TREASON,SLANDER,JUST SHUT UP AND SING, ooops i thought i was Ann Coulter and Laura Ingram.
      How stupid are some to people to think America's people are either just conservative or liberal.

    • It doesn't surprise me that you swallow the shit that is spewed on TV ProzacJoey. Would you like to hear more from the playbook? Sure you do.
      When VP Cheney was asked if there was any connection between 9/11 and Iraq he responded. Paraphrase 'We don't know, but we do know is we attacked the region from where the 9/11 attacks came' Holy Shit, let's start a war in the VICINITY or NEIGHBORHOOD of where the 9/11 attack came from. Hmmm, good strategy. Maybe Spec can answer this one for me. Spec next time you are in court go ask a judge for a warrant not for the actual suspect's house but for another house in his town and see how far you'll get. 70% of Americans feel that Saddam had something to do with 9/11, Hmmm i wonder how they got that idea. Details,Details,Details who needs them. Hey Prozac if you had a brother fighting his SECOND war in Iraq on orders of a SECOND Bush President i wonder if you'd swallow this bullshit hook line and sinker like you do now. He is stationed right in Tikrit(Saddam's hometown), i should post the fucking letters from him and the TRUTH is far different from the shit i hear from the administration. Mortar attacks landed in their base only 2 weeks and they have been pelted with rocks from the same Iraqi's they are supposedly liberating. It's real Simple ProzacJoey ,FUCK YOU and the ground you walk on for not asking serious hard questions about what you KNOW WE TOLD PRIOR TO THIS WAR and what is happening now. Do you believe every soldier being killed or maimed is a Democrat? While Jessica Lynch gets a million dollar book deal(GOD BLESS HER) soldiers are dying and the media doesn't even tell you their names or who they were. What happened to the imbedded reporters? Can i not know the names of some of the people who have sacrificed for this country? 3 million jobs lost, No WMD's, No ability to attack us in 45 minutes, Uranium just finding it's way into the State of the Union, No ties to 9/11, 530 billion deficit, No exit strategy, Assumptions that we would be loved, Assumptions tha Iraqi oil would pay for this, No UN support, bearing all the cost and the lives. All this shit and you are talking about Clinton 3yrs into this administration. Now go back to listening to Bullkiller trash this stock as that is sooooooo much more important LOL.

    • Excellent response....I couldn't have said it better if I could just keep my composure with these morons.

    • Oh by the way why do you have your vitals posted? Lonely are we fake lawyer boy?!

    • I'm sorry what did you say. It's hard to hear you with your head so far up your a**. Big words from someone who couldn't respond, only insult a state(I do not live in california). Are you really a laywer or do you just pretend to be one online?

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