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  • usher_777 usher_777 Mar 17, 2004 2:58 PM Flag

    EA To Can Popular Online Game

    EA has decided to pull the plug on their popular online game Earth and Beyond.

    Earth and Beyond is a subscription based game, with over 20,000 players paying over 13 dollars a month.

    They have already shut down all work on the game, and will be shutting down the servers in the end of september. This is the second MMORPG that EA has shut down. It follows in the footsteps of Motor City Online.

    EA currently runs The Sims Online which is also on the verge of being shut down due to a much lower than projected subscriber base, and they are continuing to work on their upcoming MMORPG the sequal to Ultima Online.

    Seeing their track record with Online games, It is obvious that they have no Idea how to run games in this market. While Companies like Sony (Everquest, Starwars Galaxies) and SquareEnix (Final Fantasy Eleven) are able to generate huge playerbases that bring in multiple millions a month in profit (FFXI has over 1million players each paying $15 a month) EA has now gone 0/2 on Online games existing for over 2 years.

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    • The fact is that Earth and Beyond was not all that popular anymore. Many people who had originally played had quit. It does cost EA alot of money to run an online game. They must pay for bandwith, servers, customer support, storyline etc. The fact is that the resources that were being wasted by that game can now be applied more PROFITABLY somewhere else. You must have failed economics 101 if you can't figure that one out. Oh yeah, and unless you have all girls, little Johnny isn't going to be too happy with you at Christmas time if he doesn't get his copy of Madden 2005. If you do have girls they will be very upset that you didn't buy Sims 2.0 for them, as all their friends will have it. Quit being pissed off about a gmae the rest of the world was over a year ago.

    • morons_signs_of_the_apocolypse morons_signs_of_the_apocolypse Mar 27, 2004 1:34 PM Flag

      The reality is it was making money and for what it cost EA which was NOTHING, it aquired Westwood and EnB with it.

      They failed to provide relevant story updates and alot of people quit, over a period of two years.

      When they started starving EnB it had way more subscribers than that.

      They started starving EnB to feed Ultima X. Or whatever it is called these days.

      It is fine apparently someone out there knows how to treat the customer.

      EVE offered all the EnB subscribers a 10 day free trial to play their game.

      Our entire online gaming group went and will stay, for as long as they will have us.

      I will not even wait to SunSet for my account I already cancelled it, not point in playing it any further. They will never finish the current arc of the story. So I will never know what happend so what is the point?

      I am a female 34 years of age, and the list of games I play is too numberous to mention here. But I do participate and support a very large online gaming community.

      EA will never get my money or any money for my childrens future game purchases. Remember I hold the pursestrings like most households.

      So they have lost a customer for life, and what exactly is that worth to them??

      You know Mom is happy and likes the company so the kids get more games from them?

      They have failed marketing 101 here and nothing you can do to spin this will alter that fact.

      Why is the Sims Online still going? No Plot no story no nothing? Yet it is profitable? It isn't even fun to play.

    • Hi All

      I am here to say, just a couple of things, first EA called me today. I am extremely pleased to say, OUTSTANDING. I retract my statements of mu imression of EA being calus and uncaring for the customer. The representative I spoke with today, was caring, and listened. She was obviously not the normal frontline CSR, but a well trained, informed, helpful individual. She took the time to apologize for the shortcomings of EA's initial mistakes with EnB. She understood the lack of marketing and non-european relase of the game. She could not speak down about EA but sincerely saw/acknowledged our concerns as customers. Apologized for not being able to fix anything, but, pleasantly allowed my g/f and I to attend the shut down with out cost. Thanking us for our loyalty, which to me is the single most important point any company needs to make. EA has restored this customer for future pruchases, but I also informed her it would be with concern and with a grain o' salt. She did unfortunately say EA has no plans for a scifi/spaced base game in the near future. Which disappoints but honesty is pleasing.
      Eating crow is not my favorite flavor, but I wanted to let you all know, customer retention attempt successful by EA despite not following up on the unique masterpiece that is EnB. I invite you all to get a buddy code and join us in the final hours. Harpojd is my name, I am on the Pegasus Galaxy and would love to see you there with us when the lights go out.

    • That's where my heart broke too. Origin Systems developed titles which were highly addictive and state of the art. So from investor's point of view putting emotions aside that makes me wonder why did they screw them ? In gaming world you deliver or die. But if you deliver and die something is wrong. Can the same happen to Westwood?

    • There is a difference between World of Warcraft and Warcraft. That last comment on WoW was on the idea of online gaming not on the system reqs.

      The speed comparison was meant between W3 and Generals. Both titles were released to compete each other one must really admit that speed wasn't in sight of the Westwood developers. And we've been testing it among our comunity on huge amount of machines most of which were above average. And the outcome was definitely in favor of latest W3 which runs much more smootlhy thus giving you enjoyable gameplay.

    • "Blizzard's World of the idea? Warcraft runs smoothly even on
      older machines and I can't find a reason why C&C does not...and that's where it all begins."

      These are the system REQUIREMENTS:

      "Windows� System/OS:

      800 Mhz or higher CPU.
      256 Megabytes or more of RAM.
      Geforce 2 Graphics Card or better.
      3 Gigabytes or more of available hard drive space.
      DirectX� 9.0 or above. "

      Keep in mind those are the requirements to run it at all. With all graphics options turned off and at the lowest settings. The recommended system specs are going to probably be around:

      1.2 Mhz or higher CPU.
      512 Megabytes or more of RAM.
      Geforce TI Graphics Card or other DX9 compliant card.
      3 Gigabytes or more of available hard drive space.

      That will run the game with some options. To run the game with all options you'll probably need a current high-end PC.

      I would hardly call that playing smoothly on an old machine.

    • Believe me, I appreciate that side of things, and as a gamer it broke my heart what happened to Origin Systems. But as an investor, there is more that ERTS does right than wrong, so until that changes or until the public en mass (not just a handfull of disgruntled gamers, and that's all it is; sales numbers prove this; sorry) chooses otherwise i'll continue to invest in ERTS =)

      The industry took a change for the worse this generation, and it's something that really began some years before 2000 and isn't over, yet. But still, for all the hell bent gamers who refuse to play SSX because of some slight they perceive EA did to them, so they'll only played AMPED, the review numbers and sales numbers don't lie. That is what matters to me =)

    • Turtle,
      with all my respect to your all-time interresting posts which show you have
      that great stock trader/investor attitude not to fall in love with a stock and follow
      facts and numbers rather than emotions I disagree with you. I have noticed some
      disrespect among players for EA.

      As they acquired Westwood (their addon for the C&C series had good ideas nailed with
      something one can hardly call code optimalization and update for the game). Westwood
      have always had these problems but I expect a product that is released as an addon
      (with a backup from such a great company as ERTS without a doubt is) to be patched
      and working properly. However it's not. Not with my machine and not with any other
      (and I have tried plenty). I was not surprised that actually I wasn't alone. This
      happened later on with Battlefield.

      And of course that MMORPG issue, they seem like
      they don't have a clue about how to run it. They would rather stick to the old method
      look everywhere else what to buy next. Well good attitude but it works up to a point
      too. Up to a point where there are companies refusing to be bought because they are
      aware they might easily fade in time as they are screwed by the giant and that's not
      the reason why some of the greatest game companies would run business. Let me mention
      Eve online...Blizzard's World of the idea? Warcraft runs smoothly even on
      older machines and I can't find a reason why C&C does not...and that's where it all begins.

    • >> of course I don't expect you to understand after the initial comment in your post...personal attacks such as name calling even as trivial as yours only prove my feelings about EA and its supporters are correct. <<

      >> Your gaming knowledge is minimal at best, your evidenciary acknowledgment ridiculous. And most of all, an embarassing waste of my ime and the American gene pool. BY all means, invest in EA. <<

      The pot and the kettle.

    • "What offshoring of jobs has EA done?"

      Customer Service and Technical Support, close to 1000 jobs. Do you understand now?

      The globalization of EA consists of a few acquired development companies. Acquired in order to prevent competition. Their frontline communication with the majority of their customers (U.S.)is now based in india. NOT in the United States anymore. EA's global market is almost soley based on console games which require minimal support. Whereas their MMORPG and online gaming support is quite a bit more active, requires more attention and has now been relegated to the WORST customer service agents I have ever spoken to. They have no idea what they are doing, they have no customer care/retention skills, note taking is obviously insufficient. So, they empty the US customer support offices to move tho operation to india for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the support.
      So am I still a confused dweeb or do you not really pay as much attention as you think?

      of course I don't expect you to understand after the initial comment in your post...personal attacks such as name calling even as trivial as yours only prove my feelings about EA and its supporters are correct.

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