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  • dciders1 dciders1 Jun 23, 2005 12:41 PM Flag

    1 problem with battlefield

    Jamok, good luck, and I sincerely hope ATYT proves all us doubters maorily wrong.

    Turtle, all I can say about your twoer companies is this: I've studied CCI, and despite its valuation, and the hair-raising heebeejeebies I got from reading theri last two filings, given the massive short position, and goven the fact that wimax's buildout (which is coming like a thunderous Tsunami) has nowhere to go but those towers and those towers alone. In fact, as you proably already know, NOK is committing not millions but B-illions to buildout a Wimax network. Their preferred partner: CCI.

    As far a sKOMG, I have never beens ure on that one. Always felt more comfortable with STX, WDC, and MXO. It mainly because of ignorance and laziness in digging thru KOMG's filings. Did you ever buy that other little stock you were considering a few months ago (the one we talked about, where I had mentioned Goldman had taken a position? It felll below $3 and I was trying to convince myself to buy, now it is back to $3.80-$4).


    PS I am going to ride MXO down, as I've got nearly clean doubles on WDC and STX. I need something to write those two gains off against, that is providing I don't have and/or get another few bobms in my port from here till the end of the year.

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