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  • ewanruprecht ewanruprecht Jun 22, 2005 11:22 AM Flag

    1 problem with battlefield

    I agree this game looks great and should sell...but there is one issue that this game has raised with ALOT of the gamers who have downloaded it...POWER! I have been hearing from friends and have read many online reviews stating that the recommended requirments on the box are barely enough to run it at its high settings...furthermore, i have heard many reports of the game crashing ALOT on its minimum requirements settings...Now i'm not gonna say that there arent enough gamers out there with $3000 towers to take this gold, but the truth is the game is probably not going to get its real potential until next year when hardware prices on these dual nvidia machines drop...JMO, but it is something to think about, this isnt a xbox or ps title, so its longevity is definitely going to be based on how many machines are out there to run it...I have a dedicated gaming pc from alienware that is 4 months old top of the line and have loaded the demo and it is sweet, but with 64 players on the map, i am highly skeptical that it will run

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    • We'll see on ATYT, i'm not down too much...yet lol.

      Yes, NOK is a major spur for CCI and it should be for years. The tower thing isn't going away anytime soon, why I sold my positions is beyond me (pocketing profit) and I should probably just jump back in. There was a fourth company I liked in the sector but it escapes me right now.

      KOMG is a mixed back but has been doing well the past year or two and I think they might finally be on the straight and narrow. Whatever happens with a possible price war (maybe) in the sector I think they are well positioned to earn a lot of money. Think i'll watch it for a few more days before deciding.

      Which other stock? DAL, SSTI? I never did buy the SSTI if that's the one. DSS? Er brain not working I was up very late :) MXO should lease out the experience of buying their shares as a "thrill ride" or something. Poo on MXO

    • Jamok, good luck, and I sincerely hope ATYT proves all us doubters maorily wrong.

      Turtle, all I can say about your twoer companies is this: I've studied CCI, and despite its valuation, and the hair-raising heebeejeebies I got from reading theri last two filings, given the massive short position, and goven the fact that wimax's buildout (which is coming like a thunderous Tsunami) has nowhere to go but those towers and those towers alone. In fact, as you proably already know, NOK is committing not millions but B-illions to buildout a Wimax network. Their preferred partner: CCI.

      As far a sKOMG, I have never beens ure on that one. Always felt more comfortable with STX, WDC, and MXO. It mainly because of ignorance and laziness in digging thru KOMG's filings. Did you ever buy that other little stock you were considering a few months ago (the one we talked about, where I had mentioned Goldman had taken a position? It felll below $3 and I was trying to convince myself to buy, now it is back to $3.80-$4).


      PS I am going to ride MXO down, as I've got nearly clean doubles on WDC and STX. I need something to write those two gains off against, that is providing I don't have and/or get another few bobms in my port from here till the end of the year.

    • Maybe ATYT is suffering from finally succeeding after years of playing a distant 2nd to NVDA? They got their drivers together but they're not having as much luck in the production and marketing departments, or keeping up now that NVDA has awoken on the design from? SLI is awesome and I haven't seen it since back when 3dfx was king. I had a couple of Monster II cards SLI'd (as they did it back then) and it was slick, fast, freed up CPU, everything. Damn all this talk of BF1942 and video cards makes me want to build a new system this weekend lol.

    • What if the NPD numbers are low? What's to keep ERTS from shipping product to meet the quarterly numbers? NPD reflects sales at the retail level but not ERTS wholesale shipments to retail. The impact will be on the reserves ERTS may have to increase to "buy back" any returned product from the channel. We won't know that until earnings CC. I think ERTS will meet quarter numbers based on shipments to the channel.

    • That is a good point. However, if you've been around the PC gaming world long enough you'll know that a game that pushes the envelope and has staying power will cause a mass upgrade cycle to occur starting with the hard-core gamers and the well-to-do who can afford it, then others will follow as the latest ATI or Nvidia cards drop into the 300 range and less. Trust me.

      Quake II was one such game, Doom3 should have been but it didn't have staying power so people quickly opted to not upgrade for it. BF2 looks to be something gamers will be playing online and modding for years to come, and they'll want in asap hence buying new hardware. In short, don't worry about this issue. I bought some ATYT and NVDA this week and I have ERTS from $50 now ;)

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      • ...not to mention C&C Generals. I remember how we were wondering on what kind of machines did they test the highest details when the fastest machines weren't really showing the beauty we knew was there. If one is a hardcore fan it's a must.

      • turtlepal,

        I'm holding a small ATYT position that's been bugging me, and I'd like your view on it. I got it around, I think, $16, and I've been indecisvely toying with selling it each time it dips below 13. The lack of clarity bothers me, both on the SEC suit against the CEO for insider trading, and more so for current supply issues for high end boards, as well as specs, release date (on time in Aug?), and bin yields for their next gen R520 series. This all has to work in order for them to right the ship, and the lack of clarity, coupled with their recent failure to execute properly, is troubling. If in the CC they successfully address these issues, people will see the stock as dirt cheap, if not.....
        The other point of view is that, long-term, 6 to 12 months out they should have cleared up all these problems, and we're probably headed for a hardware upgrade cycle. So one could just say sit with it and look at it a year from now. But if things go badly, we could see single digits before we see high teens. Your thoughts?
        Also, did you load the boat at 50, just nibble, or something in between?



    • I agree, for this game you must be a complete enthusiast (expressed by your hardware assets) and I was rather surprised that the number of downloaders and online gamers is so extremely high, despite the hardware requirements. Respectively I think this game will reinforce the new paradigm in the industry, where hardware follows the software requirements, i.e. I believe the game is so compelling that a lot of people will actually use its release to update their hardware. I cannot confirm any bugs whatsoever, but then I need to add that my machine is one of those $3000 power thingies...the bottom line is: either you are in or out in the club of enjoying a entertainment revolution

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