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  • speed_in_need speed_in_need Dec 3, 2005 10:12 PM Flag

    ERTS bleeding talent??

    Why is my studio getting so many ERTS resumes as of late?

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    • What studio is getting ERTS resumes? There are a lot of projects that have just wrapped up, and ERTS talent is cooked and done and sick of the 12 month production cycle and false compensation promises. Or so I hear :)

    • I'd add jamok and runningwiththebears (where are you friend?) in that list, and I know you as well you're a great poster. I've just been out of ERTS on a regular basis for so long and also busy at work; you know we're not doing well, alas.

      There were Atari ST emu's for Unix? That's crazy, but it's cool also :) I'm a huge fan of emu's for 80's computers, though I must admit I do not have a Unix station lol!

      I completely agree on the Rare aquisition. How many games exactly has Rare produced for MSFT since then? I suppose MSFT received subsequent income from Rare's legacy products, but that's about it. Hopefully we'll see Rare putting product out this next generation. I always preferred Sony's aquisition method myself and it seems to have really worked for them, the dev. they bought, and gamers. MSFT would have been better off doing a contract with Rare to be a 2nd party for 5 years or something.

    • >> Not that you're asking me here, but I work for Atari myself. It's not unreasonable for people in the industry to be investors in the industry and also post here; austin himself implies he's in the industry or has been.

      I've been reading this message board for many years... there are very few posters I have respect for, maybe you, drac1us and nsthil... austin is not in my list. BTW I wrote the first ever Atari ST emulator for Unix... so Atari has a special place in my mind.

      >>As to EA they are still an independant 3rd party publisher / developer; that has never changed. You should probably go back and look at the platforms they've developed for during from inception to now; it's a huge list that was never made up of only Sega and Nintendo. Of course once both the PC market and console market shrunk starting in the late 80's they developed on less platforms (pc or console), but that had nothing to do with being or not being a 3rd party.Think of 2nd party as a independant 3rd party who is married to a particular publisher or console manufacturer. In Rare's case they were independant and married to Nintendo. Contracts are involved, usually. However, if Microsoft buys Rare (as they did) and continue to publish Rare developed properties under the Rare brand that is all it is; a brand and a studio within the games

      It really is simple economics. A lot of people read too deeply into EA - acquisition is about portfolio or expansion - if it doesn't fit, then no. Microsoft is no different - Personally I believe that the Rare acquisition was over-priced - but in the bigger picture Kameo and Perfect dark are (now) 1st party titles and are pretty good - i think effectively they have created a few strong franchises - even if the original intention was lost, I think the value is beginning to show.

    • "There are others at EA besides Artists and Programmers. But if you knew that, then I suspect you'd not make such comments.

      I do feel sorry for them"

      Sellem2006, you feel sorry for them? Give me a break, what do you think EA is, a sweatshop? EA offers competitive salaries and a great work environment, have you ever been there? Yes, at crunch time there is extra hours, a given for this industry, but EA's perks more than make up for that.

    • This has become an exercise in surrealism. I will leave you to your, um, interesting take on reality.

      Best of luck.

    • austin, there's nothing wrong with admitting you're wrong here. We're all here to learn, share, invest, make money.

      If you don't believe us about 2nd parties ask yourself this...why exactly would Nintendo sell off Rare? They would not. The reason Rare was able to be sold is they were a 2nd party, there were contractual issues but they were their own company.

    • >>I believe it is anything over 72 hours you get paid your "hourly" rate x .5 That's the whole issue after all for the exempt.<<

      Depends on the state. California, Florida, and Texas are three key game development hubs with "at will" laws for salaried employees. In other words, no overtime.

    • >>Yes, at crunch time there is extra hours, a given for this industry, but EA's perks more than make up for that.<<

      No, what makes up for it is getting a sizeable return of backpay for labor law violations over the last 5 years.

    • austin, you are clusless,

      EA's top two studio in terms of revenue are EA Canada (sports) and EA UK (potter, burnout etc). So can I suggest you place your tail firmly between your legs and f**off elsewhere. You clearly have neither the intellect or wit to command a coherent discussion here... *goodbye*

    • Ah yes, there is that as well. I was mainly addressing why the website would still be standalone root renderware. It was a pretty smart buy for you guys as well, steady stream of money to offset some weakness in the games side should there be any.

      And I am kicking myself for not adding some more ERTS yesterday near the lows. Drat :)

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