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  • mets811 mets811 Dec 28, 2005 4:38 PM Flag

    If you look at the charts theres alot

    of support at the 52 dollar level...even going back 2yrs theres alot of support new 45-48 my question would be why not buy in now? Net income looks like it will be right around where it was at end of year last year or higher so i dont get how it can get into the 40's...but then again i liked the stock at 58 too...i use to play the range from 58-60 back and forth for a while till i went on to other things so maybe im not the best person to be analyzing this stock...but i liked it at 58 i like it even more now

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    • Keep bashing shorty, it's really working.


    • lmao, my thoughts look at the analysts who estimate the eps for this stock, they never even come close when erts reports

    • >>Anyone who doesn't think like you must be wrong.<<

      Historically speaking, yes.

    • Anyone who doesn't think like you must be wrong.

    • The fact he put Activision at the top of his list pretty much sums up his credibility.

    • his top pick, ummm, why not buy ERTS very soon analyst(and these so-called low prices)???? guess he ANALYZED and found ERTS has more shortcomings (???) (ie. JMDT over price, gamers just slowing the demand, and Competetion exploding)

    • All I am saying is that in general what they do with some of their money in the bank doesn't have a direct affect on their profitability in the short to near term.

    • Interesting concept. It dosn't matter what they paid....hmmm

      Do you use the same theory when buying stocks ?

      All I know is that there are many mobil content companies for sale at present. There are over 100 in the silicon valley alone started in the last 2 years and looking for more capital.

      I have been contacted by 2 within the last week that are looking for buyers. One in the US and one in the UK. Both tell me they want out while valuations are high as the market is getting very crowded.

      Just voicing my opinion based on my experience and contacts.

      Of course ERTS can always stay here if it wants. I don't mind shorting spikes and covering for scalps like some of the other players here, while waiting for a more rerasonable valuation for my core short.

      50x earnings is even a bit pricy for ERTS since revenues and profits are still dropping.

    • wow, now that is a big hit for 06. I think it was S.C. Cowen and Co. (video game analyst) Bout time some analyst came out with the new numbers!!!

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      • Thats shouldn't be a surprise. The multiple quarter warning was very ugly.

        On top of that the comments made by managment that the unanticipated slowing was across all product lines means the public has gotten tired of buying the same "Madden" game rewrapped in a new package every year.

        I think we saw a significant change in customer behavior across the entire sector which bodes poorly for the future.

        There is no reason to buy ERTS given its present valuation.

      • those numbers are completely inconceivable to think that all of next year they will only earn 93 cents...hell, in a horrible quarter that there in right now they expect to earn 92 cents...theres no way with the new platforms rolling out that they will be at 92 cents for the year...ill put a 100% guarantee on that...mark this post whatever you gota do 93 cents will be beat...this might be a better buy in a few months but theres no way in hell they will only earn 92 cents next year

    • Charts are historical. They don't take into account what has happened to the industry.

      If you want to be historically accurate charts are your friend. If you want to know were ERTS is going you have to look at fundamentals which are horrible through out the industry.

      Why buy a stock with declining revenues and profits trading at twice the valuation of the rest of its sector ?

      I personally think the institutions will hold ERTS up. In fact I hope they do. I think its a perfect short for scalping purposes. Short the spikes and cover for scalp. If they keep it here I'll make a bundle as there is very little upside.

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      • just from first glance it seems like there fiscal year ends in march so that gives them 2 quarters...they seem like they may miss by 100mil less then they did last year(about500mil+)...but you also must realize erts meets or beats the streat every quarter...the analysts never get it right...and if the analysts are trimming forecasts ahead of these new systems being launched i say great because the numbers that come in will blow them away...the xbox took time to catch fire when it first came out its doing just fine and holding up to this coming year you have the same thing happening another xbox and another has to be a gaurentee that this will sell even more you know how many people are going to want a ps3 when it comes out?...the problems you see now are simple nobody is buying games for the old systems and why should they with the new ones coming out soon? By the way fuck you msft for fucking up the xbox360 thing but ive already endlessly complained about i guess in finishing this up, how can there be anything but a bright future ahead for not only erts but the entire industry?

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