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  • ihatecnbcandcramer ihatecnbcandcramer Jun 15, 2006 9:10 AM Flag

    Backdated Stock Options

    I primarely trade energy and metal stocks and believe me, I have absolutely no need of even reading those ymbs--
    however the dumb side of me occasionally strays away from that and I end up getting involved with lousy trades like this one with erts--I keep telling myself: never again tech and here I am carrying the erts bag--a
    nother sector that is almost as lousy is retailers--lost once and currently down a couple points on urbn--I'm fine with the rest of my positions which are commodities plays.
    I do realize that I can make up for the erts and urbn losses just by moving all the funds into commodities in a short time instead of waiting for those few points bounce on this crap but my nature is as such that after the kind of drubbing I endured I want at least to break even with it.
    As for me on this board, I do realize that I don't really add anything more than is already known but my "mission" is to take on idiotic bashers with ridicoulous targets as headlines usually followed by empty messages or brief stupid remarks who always appear when the stock is in great distress like yesterday.
    I'm the antibasher and as long as I have this pos I'm here to stay

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