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  • flyerd1 flyerd1 Feb 22, 2007 1:52 PM Flag

    It's a buy .

    LOL, I can�t believe this, are you a politician?? I said add something new to the conversation and you present something that should be on its own thread. You must be a politician (Dem or Rep I wonder). I can help you with your question if/when you EVER actually answer a few questions without changing the subject and/or just spitting out statements with absolutely no justification whatsoever.

    I�ve waited for you to post something (anything) that adds to your criticism in a MEANINGFULL way as opposed to the accusatory manor you seem to prefer. Another poster brought up the same thing. Let me break that down for you since you have "missed" it every other time I asked for it. Just explain how and why you believe that the strategy I am talking about is flawed. You need to use reasonable assumptions and put a REASON behind your "FACTS". For example, you can not just say "if ERTS goes to zero your put sale will kill you!� Instead, you have to provide the reason it will go to zero (good luck with that one). Actually, let�s make it easier on you by saying you would just need to explain why, in JAN 2009, it WILL NOT be above $44 (my break even point if we assume no hedging position and the trade is held to maturity). By the way, that would be more than a 16% LOSS from today�s price of approximately 52.50 over the next 23 months. That would really be a NEGATIVE outlook (again, good luck + I�ll add a 4 leaf clover with that one).

    I�ve given you all the figures so all you really have to do is try to manipulate them into a formula that proves your position and answers the questions I have repeatedly asked� Feel free to use your own numbers too if you can justify them and IF they relate to the example we are CURENTLY talking about. Try to stay focused please.

    Good luck, and good investing to all!!

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