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  • jesterbunk jesterbunk May 30, 2007 3:53 PM Flag

    Recap of Reasons to like EA for new board readers, ENJOY:

    "I already posted my portfolio (and it was before the most recent run up in stocks like FWLT). Did you post yours? So just looking at my post you can "track" how I'm doing if you like."

    No, we can't. You posted a bunch of stock tickers. You didn't post what % weighting each stock was of your portfolio. You didn't post the entry dates. As a means of tracking performance it's worthless. You can come back at any time and manufacture a positive return by saying an underperformer was underweighted in the portfolio and vice versa, or rewriting the cost basis later. It's meaningless.

    What we do have to go by are your own predictions here on this board, which as we've seen from your response to their reposting, you'd prefer to have swept under the rug. To further distract attention from your own bad predictions you resort to personal attacks like, "Definitely High School amateur.. Good luck with finals.", and, "Since I remember your inability to "remember" thing very well (let alone "READ" something correctly), let me refresh your memory with a recap I post previously. This one was a whole 18 days ago so I can see why your 1 day memory limit was reached."

    That speaks volumes about your own debating skills.

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