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  • mazracoth mazracoth Jun 14, 2010 10:44 AM Flag

    Moving forward

    Ok all, the chart is changing and here is what I see. We seem to have found a new support level of 15.17 and with the good pull back from that level we might be seeing a trend change. However do not get to excited at this point. I need to see the price dip and retest the 15.17 low but not fall below that level. If that happens then there is a 68% chance the trend will change and we will go higher. if we retest the low and fall below 15.17 then we will have to wait and see if the chart is going to show us a head and shoulders pattern. if thats the case then we will stay between 15-16 for another couple of weeks. thats not a bad thing because that will give us time to slowly add positions and wait for the trend to move higher. The 10 day MA is begining to level off and that tells me that the selling pressure is slowing and we might not fall as far as I thought before but im not holding my breath. If we get any bad news or any down grades the entire chart will change and we start all over again. so here is my wrap up (if we dip below 15.17 wait before buying untill we climb back above it. if we dip and hold 15.17, buy as we climb the next leg up. or cover your shorts.) I will keep you posted if anything changes. Good luck all


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    • What do the chicken entrails tell you about the stock?

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      • Well what they just told me this morning was that the trap was just sprung. The price spikes .25 on 200k shares the 1st 15 minutes. then falls back to negetive. What that tells me is that with the futures being up huge this morning those that wanted to get out did so right at the open because they knew there would be a lot of buyers. Then once all those people got out of their positions the price fall back due to lack of interest. So this tells me that the pull back is ending and the price goes lower from here. good luck all!

    • You are hilarious! What happened to "Why aren't all you idiots selling?". What about your all caps subject lines shouting ERTS IS GOING TO $12!!!!

      How is your daily technical analysis trading method working out for you Maz? You preach a pretty hard line for someone who is wrong, has been wrong and continues to be wrong. That head and shoulders enough for you? I'd stop giving investment advise, you certainly are not good at it. $12!!! Idiot.

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      • What you dont seem to understand is that I make very good money and I have been doing this for a very long time. I make money because I am willing to change my mind and my trading as the information changes. I have been shorting ERTS from the mid 18's and untill the chart tells me the stock is changing direction ill remain short. I dont understand why you are so determined to bash a person that is making money. If you would have followed my trades you would be making money also. Dont be so hard headed and just follow the trends and trade short when things fall and go long when they go up. Its just that simple. Dont fight the market, go with it and you will make money.

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