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  • overrated_author overrated_author May 31, 2011 2:58 PM Flag

    bullish close?

    is this a bullish MOTHER TRUCKING close or what?

    open's with a bang, sells off to retest support, closes at highs of the day.

    that's legit. just great; love to see that on a day when the world is worried about EU/Greece/IMF

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    • you know this company well! I am with you on this one. I think market will allow a higher PE. how high i don't predict. But higher than now. good earnings, good product release, what ever it takes.

    • "if we get a 1-1.5 up tomorrow then we are well on our way to 42 soon. this 42 run could take couple weeks or it could take a month. but no longer by any means." I'm not sure I am quite confident enough to say 42 "soon", but as the four main events to come in the next few months unfold: E3, BF3, end of NFL lockout and SWTOR (announcement of release date and then actual release) 40-60 is not only possible, but reasonably predictable/expectable by year end. If actual major upswings in earnings come as well, all the better.

      It's gonna be a fun 2011... dales53

    • I agree, for the size of ERTS as well as the recent fantastic upward movement, I too would have expected a great deal more "discussion" here. Hopefully, more participants and insights will begin to come along as the pps moves even higher and more mainstream media begin to discuss the company and it's potential. Looking forward to both. dales53

    • Would be nice but I don't think we are going to see 30 or 40 until ERTS can show a profit and get a EPS up on the board. Back in the 40's and 50's ERTS had a EPS of around 55, a high multiple. I don't know if the market will support such a high multiple again. They need Star Wars to take out or at least get some of the market share away from World of Warcraft and they need to improve their margins through better management. Hopefully this fellow from Relational can get this board turned around. That was the best news I have read in a while.

    • that is ok. there are 3 strong bulls here to take care of this company. It is a extremely quiet board. maybe that says the investors in erts are not common people but fund managers. Fund managers do not waste time on message boards. they are busy buying on the dips. if this is so. a few are buying now. wait till as you say the rest of the market catches on. A massive run will take place.

    • big investors like this know this stock and this company well or they would not be putting so much of their $ into erts. i think you are right. if we get a 1-1.5 up tomorrow then we are well on our way to 42 soon. this 42 run could take couple weeks or it could take a month. but no longer by any means.

    • being an $8bn company, i can't believe how QUIET this message board is

      clearly not on everybody's radar yet. people completely lost interest in ERTS 2008-2010

      should be interesting as contrarian/activist investors get involved.

    • Trading at this time at 24.17. I did a lot of reading this weekend about "breakout theory". If 24.15 holds, ERTS is a candidate for the application of that theory. It goes something like this: If a stock that is down from a previous trading range (like ERTS from 40-60 down to teens) and it goes back above a high for the year (24.05) and closes .10 above that point; then a new base has formed and the gap between the new high (24.15 or above) indicates little or no resistance up to the former trading range (for ERTS 40-60). It would appear that former holders above the "new high" and the former trading range all but no longer exist, so selling pressure from those waiting to get out don't exist and all the downward pressure would be from short term holders trying to make a quick buck and in "breakout" stocks, they simply don't have the financial ammo to hold the rocket back....

      Very interesting theory and one that will be fun to watch unfold for ERTS.

      Good luck to all longs, let hope we hold 24.15 or above to the close today.....


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