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  • monkabc3 monkabc3 Nov 4, 2011 9:51 PM Flag

    Why the rally today?

    I did $45 x 334,000,000 shares for a rough estimate. True I forgot their cash.

    Something is puzzling to me, I admit I haven't put much effort into researching it but I thought they had a little under $2billion prior to the POPCAP aquisition, which would make their current position $1.35 billion and then they lost money for the last 2 quarters which would make them have even less but I thought some one posts a while ago saying they had 1.9B in cash and short term.

    Also, any Lucas Arts/Disney conflict in a Disney acquisition? I think for Disney it is a match made in heaven, pump their treasure chest of IP into quality video games, and yes the digital side of EA would mesh perfectly with Disney. It just seems to me like Disney won't do it and perhaps JR would pull a Jerry Yang and wouldn't take it.

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    • "If Battlefield hype gets crushed by COD then...
      Obi-wan... you are our only hope!"

      The analyst thought around 8 million sold copies, that is allmost reached after 1 week sales.

      SWTOR have allready 700 k preorders in usa, im not Einstein but whit 8 weeks left and the game have around 50-60 k preorders every week in usa, hmmm.. ;)

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