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  • jnfan_2001 jnfan_2001 Feb 7, 2012 11:15 AM Flag

    Filled the gap...

    ...headed higher now. Go longs!

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    • I wanted to see what the hype was all about lol. I cant call myself a gamer if I dont at least try the popular games. It gives me insight into the general population as well, knowing what the current Neanderthals enjoy lets me be a better business person.

    • You actually wasted 5 minutes of your life playing that game?

    • The games you mention are a cultural things. Angry Birds is so stupid i cant play it for more than 5 minutes. I certainly would never pay for it and its dying quickly. Farmville was huge because it was one of the first social games people played on FB. Its also basically dead now.

      The problem with those types of games is that they are unpredictable. You cant just make a social game and expect to be profitable. Many tried and many have incredible games but they all lost money because casual gamers are sheep not really gamers thus their spending habits are erratic. Real gamers are predictable. You know you will will so many units of Battlefield for a given investment but if you try to make another Farmville, you could spend $100m in development and ads and still not have any players no less enough players to sell ads in your game. This is why social games are a bad idea. Its like the days of the Atari or the early years of the Wii. In one day, gone the next and those casual gamers will not be back for another gen.

    • what are you talking about? Battlefield three 10 mill, Fifa, Madden.. EA is a winner. Kingdom of Amular is another winner and potential frnachise. Mass Effect looks sick The stock will rebound

    • not headed higher, going down. the flimsy excuses for why ea lowered guidance for Q4 are being exposed. the core business of EA - packaged video games - is in decline and the digital strategy of EA has not yet taken up the slack.

      the problem with EA is the lack of innovation. platforms like cellphones have lower development costs, so there are alot of upstart companies that can compete in this area. EA has never been very good at creating hit new franchises - they are much better at milking proven franchises.

      but in the digital world, big brands dont generate excitement.

      i still think ea could be a buy at a later date, but not yet. sell it now and look for a better future time to invest.

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      • I have no position in EA but you clearly are not a gamer. EA franchises and successful games that they created include, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, SWToR, Battlefield, SIMs, Left 4 Dead, Medal of Honor, Max Payne, etc etc. Other things they make money on include fifa and madden. They have a lot of fire power. Their problem is they are spending too much on too many other games trying to find the next big home run and they are not able to cover the costs with their good games. ToR is really their big hope right now but I have a feeling it will not grow from here... I just dont see the buzz we saw back in the days of WoW.

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