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  • tgraff80 tgraff80 Feb 26, 2012 1:47 PM Flag

    SWTOR and the next ER

    How many subscribers do you think they will have by the next ER? After they release in the other regions on March 1, will the numbers reflect a positive report on SWTOR? I'm not an expert on gaming but SWTOR seems to be steadily getting subscribers despite negative sentiment from people on some message boards and analyst opinion. EA's lineup does not appear to be great. I don't see any big sellers after ME3 in the short term.

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    • EA is currently developing:
      Sims 3
      ME 3
      Fifa Street
      Tiger Woods PGA Tour
      The Secret World
      Medal of Honor

      SSX is just a snowboard game, I don't expect significant sales from it. Sims has always had a steady revenue stream, but never seems to lose or gain new players. If anything, I'd lean toward the lose side. ME3 is the big anticipation of 2012, already said to be one of the best games ever to be released. Fifa Street has a strong following from previous Fifa games, but it's not like the world cup games we're used to. I'm not sure how that will play out...Tiger Woods has obviously had not so good media coverage lately, so we'll see how that game turns out. I'd imagine the numbers will be the same as before. Secret World is another MMORPG...I'm not sure how I feel about this. Overstrike will be a MULTIPLATFORM game. VERY RARELY do companies test the multiplatform arena, so that should be interesting. Looks promising. Medal of Honor sold 5 million copies last time a game was released under its name, but many turned over to MW2, then Battlefield. Those games have very high turnaround and have fierce competition amongst each other, especially since they are released just about every year, each.
      We also can't forget previously recent released titles like NFS The Run, which unfortunately did not critically acclaim well. I don't expect sales from this game will go far.
      This time of the year is not as popular for game sales anyway. It's quite the toss up but it's possible that the only savior for this quarter (in terms of revenue) will be ME3 and if SWTOR sales are up, or increasing.
      The MAIN thing EA needs to do to get stock price up is some restructuring. Lets not forget that the term "EA" is, in itself, associated with evil to most gamers. They are notorious for being greedy, avoiding fixing glitches and bugs that allow hacking in online play, abusive to their employees with incredibly difficult time frames to meet and long work hours, among many other things.
      On the flip side, their current share price is incredibly low, and really shouldn't see anything less than 14 if sales are bad (in my opinion based on previous year's supports). A lot of people will start piling in this week in my opinion. I'm not we'd see a rise to 20, but at least 18 would be nice.

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      • dont think that many people will be piling in here. i'm waiting for the stock to get support in the 15's, at the support level from a little over a year ago. but even that might not hold.

        EA is simply not innovating and is relying on a bunch of old IPs. they need to find a way to incubate some really big ideas internally, or find them externally, for example, they need to create the next Angry Birds type of hit game play for the masses.

        if they cant innovate, then they need to simply start reducing cost structures. they have cut the number of games launched in half from a couple years ago, yet the R&D expense is down much less. so even though they shrunk the company, it was not in-line with the reduction in number of games released.

        what ea and/or activision really need is to think big. right now, they are just churning out new versions of old ideas and are primed for a fall.

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