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  • dansmith46 Jun 19, 2012 3:03 AM Flag

    Is it me

    I was also just thinking that same exact thing about the Premium adding to their earnings because I also bought it today. However, even though it is very high margin Digital Content, I do not think it will have a significant impact on earnings. VGChartz reports about 13.4 Million units of Battlefield 3 that have been sold. If you add in origin Sales that could make it as high as 14 or 15 Million. Even if 3 million purchased premium that would only increase earnings about 0.5 cents per share for the upcoming quarter. And I don't know if that many will purchase it since this game is getting old and only the more loyal players are still hanging around. And it takes a significant amount of loyalty to hand over another $50 for DLC even if you are getting a better deal in the long run simply because of the sticker shock feeling compared to most other DLC.

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    • I disagree wholeheartedly with your sentiment about it getting "old". This game is still very fresh and is the latest and greatest of its kind. Just giving you some insight from someone who is pretty involved with that community. Battlefield 3 is not your typical game - it has a lot of staying power because of how detailed it is. It has endless replay value - much more than Call of Duty. Just trust me - the Battlefield playing community is just as strong or stronger as the day it released. This title was many, many years in the making and will be popular for many years.

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