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  • thejumpingsheep thejumpingsheep Aug 5, 2012 1:52 PM Flag

    Good job EA !!!!

    I dont like Zynga but youre nuts to think that EA has any chance. 1st everything in SIMs is based on... real life. They didnt create anything new. Last I checked, people slept in beds (although I dont usually stand on my bed before sleeping) and people take pictures with a camera. EA did not invent bingo, thought bubbles, character creation screens, colors, or strips of land. In other words, EA has no rights to any of the stuff they are suing for because they are not just obvious, they are redundant in hundreds if not thousands of games and everything else is just obvious. Think of it from the perspective of a designer. If you were asked to create a social simulation wouldnt it look very similar? Yes it would especially if you add nothing unique to your game which EA has not.

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