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  • ccsharks ccsharks Aug 8, 2012 1:52 AM Flag

    EA's "run to daylight" starts 8/28/12

    With Madden 2012 release scheduled at the end of this month and preseason NFL starting this weekend watch the ads and the interest for this game ZOOM! Ask any sports minded male between ages 12 and 30 and they will tell you that can't wait to purchase and start playing this game. My 25 year old son said his old high school and college buddies can't wait to play it and the waiter at the place we were dining at chimed in and said he was going to get to the store hours before the store opened to get his copy before they sell out. A 24 year old mgr. at a local Gamestop (family friend) says EA's NCAA Football 2012 is a very hot seller and lots of calls coming in about Madden 2012. EA shoud have blow out 3rd quarter earnings last year ran up over 30% mid- August until end of October. Time to make some money fellow investors Q3 earnings last 2 years .99 in 2011 and .59 in 2010 bar is set low this year with estimates set at .10, EA will blow away these estimates (remember competitor for NFL Football- Y2k went out of business). So watch EA's "run to daylight over the next 3 months". 52 week high is 26.13 so this baby has a lot of room to run.

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    • I hope you are right Mo. I took a sizeable positon for me (2000 shares) at $11 two weeks ago after my 25 year old son planted the idea in my head and after DD. EA looks like a steal in the $11-$14 PPS range. Promised my son a finders fee if this baby does well. Listen to my 20-30 year kids since this group are some of the biggest and newest consumers in the US. Worked out well so far bought Leapfrog (LF) at $6 earlier this year on my 22 year old recommendation and DD.

    • Although I agree with you, I am a little tired of the "my son and all his friends are really exited about this game" investment strategy of yours. Look how it panned out for your "My college-age son is really excited about SWTOR, he says everybody is going to play it.". I say invest on technicals not on frat-boy hearsay.

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      • Swtor Is a game investment for (EA). A complex MMO like SWTOR is a game that will continue to grow and bring in money for EA years down the road. Just look at World of Warcraft and how much money it has made for (ATVI). Ea sunk Billions of money and countless of hours into this game for long run and their not going to say "ohh well we tried" and give up after the game's first year. Plus not to mention they built the game on a well established name "star wars". If EA was just some over night new company than I could see not investing but EA is not going any where but up.

      • Fudnamentass are in place, look at the 2 year chart look for the August- NOV time frame, earnings versus estimates for Q3 yoy, look at PPS buy low sell high a concept that may be new to you. As far as getting information on what the consumer wants well that worked for Peter Lynch pretty well and I always keep that in mind along with fundamentals before I purchase a stock. Just admit it you are a short that made a mistake shorting EA below the teen level.

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