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  • apollomathew apollomathew Aug 25, 2012 9:48 PM Flag

    Coin Reboot But why? Survivors "Forever Change" Post 1 of 4

    August 25th around 10PM

    But why ?

    The Sikh temple tragedy earlier this month reminds us that we can all use some help with anger management. Racism and prejudice continue to exist, and I really don’t know what that means for the incumbent President. T he tragedies of the past month are just sad. Carter our 39th president, as unmemorable as his presidency was, had a very non violent approach to his presidency, but that was his own downfall. After his presidency, the US became the world’s police force and she continues to protect the peace worldwide. Our role in the world is clear but in our own counties and cities, can’t we just figure out a way to co-exist?

    For the survivors: sing celebrate the lives of the fallen and find a way to channel your anger. Remember don’t just cruise the stream. Get primed up and pop it!! Sea Doo!!!!

    Coin- Reboot

    Anyone played any Ipad or Android games lately? The new business model for games is like the old arcade. Get ready to dish out some coin. My first thought was that no one can make money with a sub $10 game. The truth is they can’t… if that’s all they charge. The coin needed for these new Ipad / Android tablet games might be quite profitable for the gaming companies. Enjoy some rebooted old-school games like Pitfall, Galaga, or even Asteroids. Like kettle potato chips, you are going to get hooked. Download them at the app store.

    Dark Knight Pumps

    Dark Knight was really really…ok really good. Make sure to check it out on the big screen. The only stock of note was Osh Kosh which is a trucking company. This one is also American made- Target $36 based on valuations(27 was tempting, but not accurate LOL), but the technical numbers look pretty… pretty good. With diesel costs going through the roof, truckers will eventually buy more efficient trucks in my opinion and Osh Kosh will benefit over the next few years. By the way, they also pumped fuel cell(FCEL,BLDP) , but those might not be worth your time.

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    • Always and Forever
      We all make decisions every day that affect our lives. Some of thosedecisions just impact our selves, but most decisions affect our families including our spouses, our partners, our children, and some affect our communities. Making decisions is like re-varnishing a table. We use sandpaper or a sander to get down to the next level, but most of us only see the top level. We don’t see the layers underneath. For those of us that have swam with sharks and survived and those of us that embraced forever change and defined a new normal I choose Chiquitta (CQB.). This one does have a target of 7 ; - ) Peel one off today.

      “Chiquittas are delicious and they are very nutritious. A chiquitta a day is great for your health and good for you chiquitta…. almost a deal in itself”-Animated Carmen Miranda Chiquita at Stew Leonards.

      Why are folks wearing orange you ask. Here is the first clue- Coin. You might get more clues in the games that you play.

      First we drink tea…green tea

      I just finished watching one of those old school karate movies. The movie I saw was called Brave Archer, and unlike most action movies, you spend half the time laughing during these films. We laugh at how bad the dubbing is, and the scripts. They always contain similar lines like “Brother”, “Damn You!”, “We fight!”, and . “Right!”. There is always lots of laughing, grunting and other fillers to lip sync the translation. It seems like we need a TomTom to guide us through the translation but we just laugh because after watching a few of these films (like Shaoilin Prince or Shadow of the Ninja. None are named Tiger Blood LOL)we know what to expect and we are thoroughly entertained. . These films are definitely not something produced by Stan Lee, and they are the only thing more corny than a Steven Segal film. It’s like a formula for the Iron Chef where the secret ingredient is Blackberry: It works, so don’t mess with it. So be a fan for life, they will help you laugh during the hard times, and maybe teach you a few things. Better than Bollywood? You be the judge.

      Do You?? Do It!!!!
      Do you Drink Green Tea??
      Do It: Brew it!!!!

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      • COLORS
        If you Love LUV(target 13.02), wear purple. If you are fond of Jet Blue (JBLU-target 7.07) wear blue, and if you like Hanes, wear white. If you like Chiquita, wear yellow and green. Have fun with it. Wear a t-shirt. By the way, C-9(A Champion brand) athletic t-shirts are available at Target for 9.99. Pick one up in your favorite color.

        Here are some Lyrics to Forever change off of Carrie Underwood’s Blown Away album. Fan for
        Life, I will leave it up to you

        She remembers the nights he’d come calling
        His yellow-silk tie
        In love she saw him falling for her in the fire of July
        Then one day as the nights grew longer
        Blackberry winter in a little white church
        Stood a young pretty bride

        Forever changed,
        Forever changed,
        Nothing ever stays the same
        Forever named,
        Forever changed

        She remembers the change in her body
        The blooming within
        And how her heart seemed to flutter with the wind
        Then one night as the days grew longer
        That Indian summer
        She brought love into the world
        Cried and held me then

        Forever changed,
        Forever changed,
        Nothing ever stays the same
        Forever child,
        Forever changed

        Some days she’ll talk about aunt Rosie
        The sister she lost
        Asking when she’s coming over
        And why she hasn’t called
        Some days I just hold her fragile hand
        As time creeps across the floor
        Some days it almost kills me
        Watching her memories slip away a little more

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