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  • tgraff80 tgraff80 Sep 21, 2012 10:03 AM Flag


    Does anyone have any idea why this stock is moving down. EA sports is having a great year so far.
    Does this have to with its Debt, lawsuit with zynga or bioware? It was up .93 in premarket.

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    • dansmith46 Sep 24, 2012 3:58 AM Flag

      I don't think the move downward had anything to do with any fundamentals. I think fund managers know that as a consumer discretionary, EA gets hammered excessively when the overall market is down, (we have witnessed this before) and because the overall market is looking shaky they are going ahead and dumping it and heading for safer waters. I for one think it presents a buying opportunity as I think EA should head higher through Q4 of next year.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • If you want to trade this, then trade it. Get in and out quickly.

      If you want to invest in EA, then wait for opportune times to average down and hold on for a few years until the next gen gets moving.

    • Zynga pulled a tantrum and retaliated with a frivolous lawsuit. They won't get anywhere with it.

      EA will wipe the floor with Zynga and probably get a fat settlement from them including having them take down "The Ville" ripoff. It will only help establish EA as the new force in mobile and social gaming.

      Sentiment: Buy

      • 3 Replies to caluseru2000
      • I'm not entirely certain that EA has any real legal ground to stand on with their lawsuit, as there has been a never ending stream of 'me too' copying of gaming ideas. Could Id Software sue ATVI, EA, and nearly every other company that has made an FPS? Could Taito sue all the companies that created all those 'shmups' in the 80s and 90s? Could Capcom sue Namco, Sega and everyone else who made a one on one fighting game? etc etc...

        Now, don't get me wrong, I think the suit is justified as all ZNGA can do is copy other people's ideas in a vein effort to get rich off of the ideas of other people. I just don't see the lawsuit as anything but grandstanding on the part of EA. I, for one, appreciate the sentiment of the suit, even if it won't bear any fruit, so to speak.

      • Agreed, although Zynga has virtually nothing to do with EA, it has been the worst thing to happen to this company's PPS in its history.

    • That is a 6% drop in two days on no bad news. Actually the opposite, over the last two days they have release good news about Madden and FIFA. Strange tidings. Buying opportunity for those with cash. October is going to be big, new console announcements at E3 in just 6 months. New console releases in 1 year. Gaming companies are going to be the "NEW" big thing in 12 months. People are really short sighted these days.

      Sentiment: Hold

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