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  • modern_warfare_trader modern_warfare_trader Sep 26, 2012 1:45 PM Flag

    Mass Effect Trilogy....1st time on Playstation 3! Huge sales coming in November

    November 6th the PC, Xbox 360, and 1st time EVER PS3 gets Mass Effect Trilogy. This news can't be underestimated as a sole reason for many people to buy Xbox 360 was for the Mass Effect series and alot of Playstation 3 owners are going to finally have the ability to get their hands on the entire trilogy at a great value price of $59.99. This SKU is going to be a blockbuster one for EA.

    Also as a gamer i'd like to say after recently purchasing Madden 13 and NHL 13 that the level of quality and the likenesses and realism of the games has hit a high point. If i didn't know any better i'd either say that the focus is at its best or they are prepping for a sale to private equity or other entities. Not to mention the games i have in my library now are at 75% EA titles including adding another one next month with the next Medal of Honor: Warfighter which looks stunning and the new limited edition you can pre-order at GME has Limited Edition with Battlefield 4 DEMO!

    Greatly undervalued and best positioned publisher going into the next console cycle. The inefficiency of the market to understand the publishers is slowly changing and this latest pullback after a run to near $15 has given alot of people a great chance at getting in before the Wii U buzz and next consoles are revealed and into what now looks to be an extremely seasonally strong season based on above SKU's.

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    • I can't speak on the Mass Effect or Battlefield series or how they will boost this stock but I will say that both Madden 13 and Fifa 13 are both the best games they've ever put out. I've played these titles for years and I've never been more pleased. I haven't been able to play NHL yet but it's been getting great reviews too. I think it's funny that a Zynga lawsuit can cause this stock to drop so much. EA when at their best will be successful. They have the sole license to the most popular sport in America (Madden). People stopped buying the game b/c over the last few years it's been a horrible game. Madden is back and better than ever. Soccer is the most popular game in the world and growing in popularity in America. Though there are other Soccer games available, none of them compare to Fifa. All of the people who speak negatively about EA aren't playing the games. There's been a HUGE turnaround and the profits will follow. If your not a stock owner now is the time! They are setting records with every release. How are people not seeing what I'm seeing?

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      • As a longtime gamer, I can tell you Madden is NOT back, it's the worst version to date, for reasons I don't want to get into here. Also, EA is the WORST positioned publisher, as all their games are cash-grabs and EA hasn't done anything in any of its games that is innovative or spectacular. Normally, this would be fine for EA and their factory-style game production, EXCEPT the industry is too competitive now to turn out mediocre software year after year. The industry needs to shift from cash-grab sequels to innovative new titles and that may not happen until 2014/2015 on consoles.

        The Mass Effect Trilogy won't sell nearly as well as the original 3 combined. You would be lucky to see 20% of that figure for that title in the first year. It's not a killer app and its not a system seller, as compilation titles never are. It may sell a million copies, across X360 and PS3, but don't hold your breath.

        Also, speaking of Bioware, their 2 lead game designers (the brains behind the game) left the company recently. This is huge, HUGE for EA as Bioware was slated to make the next Command and Conquer title (and probably more), as well as the fact that Bioware was their last talented development team (IMHO). You can liken it to a CEO leaving, all the talent leaves with these guys in Bioware.

        EA also gives gamers the least value for things like DLC. It is usually extremely expensive relative to the main game AND adds little new or different. That would be fine, except the content itself isn't as good as the core game either. Small/Indie game companies do this way better, for less money.

        EA refuses to lower its prices on new games in the console market, despite better alternatives available, sometimes for less money. It makes sequel after sequel, with little new, but a seemingly fatter marketing budget. This is my opinion, but I believe it's reflected in EAs sales figures.

        Anyway, EA is the last video game stock I would buy, especially with that nasty P/E multiple. Activision will be ok in the short run, but they have some of the same problems. Taketwo looks really good if you want to buy based on talent in house. Honestly though, I doubt any major publishers will be good buys going forward, except in the case of a major acquisition.

        They give their best talent little creative freedom and work them like slaves along with others. So, this leads to their best talent leaving and forming their own companies. Since we're in the digital distribution era of gaming, they don't need the "middle man" (EA. Activision) anymore, like the music industry is experiencing and I am sure the book industry as well. The barriers to retail distribution don't matter as much anymore and EA/Activision don't realize yet the balance of power has tipped toward their talent, not them.

        I own no position in these companies FYI, I am a video game industry junkie. :)

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    • Correction that the Medal of Honor you can pre-order at GME upgrades you to the Limited Edition SKU with Battlefield 4 BETA not DEMO.

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