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  • gruen7 gruen7 Dec 12, 2012 4:46 PM Flag

    90% of games need a super easy controls to move around back to all directional pad and difficulty easy setting

    Whatever company does this will pull so far ahead of every other game developer within a years time it will not be funny.

    The best advice I could give developers is you bring back the old spyhunter but freshen it up, the old commando and megaman, old metroid, mortal kombat 4 and gold, just make the graphics better but keep them the same, also good examples would be quake 3 and twisted metal on ps2, keep the controls simple and easy to use and more people will buy and play, get back to fun, they have lost so many 24-45 year olds that are like awesome games, too bad the game controls are too hard, and too much of a hassle for the game to be fun, I want to move my player everywhere with directional pad but have it be a shooter where I am blocked in, like quake 3, that game was awesome, quake 4 on 360 was a disaster! if I wanted to move left or right, roll left etc, the top left or right bump. Don't make me have to move around with two joysticks, I showed my brother a game, he was like cool game too bad the controls suck, the developers must have more then changing your buttons, they need an easy controller setup, 5 to choose from, then a med, 5 to choose from then a hard or advanced 3 to choose from. They have lost over half their business from those two things, controls suck and are too hard to the point game no longer fun, I should not have to story and practice a year of memorization to learn the controls, also when they make the game so hard, they ruin the fun, if you are going to make a hard game, have a super easy settings choice for difficulty level or a one word cheat code with unlimited life and ammo, remember I want to have fun. 50 cents blood on the sand had the right idea on easy and fun.I should work for a company to just make sure the game is fun or a game fun setting and whatever company I worked for where I forced all games or most to have easy controls, the companies stock would go up 5 times at least.

    Until they fix the difficulty level to always have an easy option and thus restore the FUN value games had at one time but that has been gone a long time, and until I can use a directional pad to move around and 2 buttons are what I use 90% of the time. A galaga type game but a new one that is faster and looks better, ship looks different, like gradius but different. Bring back more 2 d fun, an updated commando etc I could not give away more secrets then to tell you to look at fun games with easy controls and make sure your new games have the same options. Of course ea won't listen and pos smartphones and tablets will ruin them because of it.

    Easy to control and fun to play is why you are losing, nfl blitz on ps 2 was fun, ps3 really put out a staggering amount of games that were way too serious and lost their fun.

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    • You should switch to a PC platform for your gaming. It is fun. I can't stand the console controllers every time I have tried them. I guess there is a massive learning curve. WASD rocks! Don't know about you getting a job reviving Galaga 2D though. With a PC you can emulate it and turns out it is a bit simplistic. Try playing Borderlands 2 for 300 hours, maybe that's your ticket!

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