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  • icoracle777 icoracle777 Dec 14, 2012 4:15 PM Flag

    I made it out of clay, Light 'em Up

    December 14th

    Okie Dokie. It’s the 7th Day of Chanukah, and I couldn’t pass up a post. Growing up on the rock, I had numerous Jewish partners in crime. We would talk, hang out, share some laughs, or grab a kosher falafel or a bagel with lox. In school at Glee our caroling consisted of Christmas songs which we would sing along side Light the Evening Candles and the Dreidel song. It was a happy and innocent time. Happy Chanukah.

    Tis the season for potato pancakes and apple sauce. So when I want some potato pancakes that are definitely kosher, I may stop at Trader Joes and pick up some from their frozen food aisle, or I’ll stop into a kosher deli . You know the one that’s next door to the Chinese place and sells knishes and hot dogs. You can dine in and get some onions or sauerkraut on your dog or get that corned beef sandwich or reuben on rye with lots of mustard that you’ve been craving. Get a bottle of refreshing Snapple to drink it down. Kosher food, especially the organic kind LOL, has its benefits including some form of inspection. So look for the kosher symbol on your food. And in case you forgot,….Don’t buy it cause it’s good for you, buy it cause it tastes good and is made from the best stuff under the sun. Here are a couple of ideas: try some soy egg nog or make some sunflower seed brittle.

    An Apple a day
    A baby Beyer aspirin a day can prevent heart attacks. So keep Doctor Oz at bay, and take a baby aspirin a day.

    Alive or Not Answers at the end of the post
    Mister Rogers?
    Zach Ryder?
    Serena Williams?

    Don’t Stop the Party
    I holla’d at my boy DJ Captain Manhattan for some help with this portion of my post (Stephen A’s got nothing on this guy). The Captain always knows how to get the party started. Just to give you some background on the Captain, he is known to proudly sport a Yankees cap that he is even prouder to have purchased at the stadium. He, from time to time, sports a cap that he purchased from Lids. He Face Timed this with me because “Skype Sucks” sporting a custom hat that he created himself. Below is a transcript of our conversation:

    DJ CM- Yeah Boyyy this is your friendly neighborhood DJ bringing you joy and good tidings. Nothing say’s holidays like a rum and coke

    ICO rum and coke?

    DJCM Ok nothing says the holidays like egg nog so let’s get the party started up in herr.
    I call this the Dulcito a fancy way of saying Spanish egg nog.
    1.5 oz. rum get primed up with some Bacardi
    .75oz. Godiva Mocha Liqueur
    .75 oz. Sweetened Condensed Milk

    Ico – Wait a second. Are you in some kind of rut man? Where’s the Dulce de Leche and the organic cage free eggs? This isn’t your secret family recipe and plus this has to be a Chanukah cocktail.

    DJCM- 10-4 You know a secret recipe is a secret for one reason.

    Ico- It’s a secret?

    DJCM- Duh besides, this recipe is called a dulcito not a dulce. It’s a snap to make. Now where was I? Oh, shake very well in a cocktail shaker with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a mini reese's peanut butter cup.

    Ico – A peanut butter cup? This isn’t an Ice and Coco.

    DJCM- Just testing you. To prime it up for Chanukah garnish it with a macaroon.

    Ico- Not bad, respect. But is it kosher?

    DJCM- Kosher…let me think. I think so. There’s no meat in this drink, and Godiva chocolates are kosher, so I’m pretty sure the Liqueur is as well.

    Ico – Thanks man. Are we still on for some Black ops?

    DJCM – Wii, Wii

    Ico- Light ‘em up! Salute and please drink responsibly!

    Red Dawn
    It’s polar bear season so grab some cokes. In December we get nostalgic and we reach for a coca cola. Grab some for your next celebration. Sport some red with your coke (KO target 40.04) and smile.

    Angry Radio
    I love sports whether it is football, basketball, baseball Nascar or hockey. I enjoy watching the games but I usually can’t get my fill so I also tune in to the sports networks for the latest news on my teams. When I’m away from home and not near wifi, I turn on the radio and tune into Bloomberg Radio and then from there I tune to one of the local sports radio stations. I usually end up tuning into Boomer and Carton, Mike and Mike or First Take with Skip B and Stephen A. Stephen A Smith is definitely the angriest of the bunch, but he is also the most entertaining. So be a fan for life. These guys will tell you a thing or two that you did not know and they can make you love sports even more than you do now.

    If you Love LUV, wear purple. If you are fond of Jet Blue wear blue, and if you like Hanes, wear white. If you enjoy a Chiquita, wear yellow and green, if you run with Adidas wear black, if you are a fan forever of the WWE wear pink. If you are a fan of Hershey’s wear red, green, silver or gold. If you have a coke and a smile wear red. Have fun with it. Buy a t-shirt. Oh by the way, C-9(A Champion brand) athletic t-shirts are available at Target for 9.99. Pick one up in your favorite color.
    Remember to pray. If you forgot how, you don’t need to fold your hands, and you don’t need to go to temple or your place of worship. Say it with your heart your soul and believe it and end it the way you were taught. Amin. (Don’t worry I’ll get around to everybody… God willing.). If you find it difficult to pray for yourself, then pray for your friends. You’ll feel better.

    This and all my posts are dedicated to my friends. I feel you. Live strong. Peace.


    Disclosure: I am not paid for anything I post here. I am completely independent. I am going to try to write something at least once a month.. Next post is around December 27th. Copyrights are owned by their respective companies

    Not, Alive, Alive

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