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  • icoracle777 icoracle777 Jan 1, 2013 12:05 PM Flag

    It’s Alright

    January 1st

    Faith Hope and Hugs
    Another post, another shooting. Next thing you know they are going to blame it on the movie Battleship or violent video games. While these shooting might make us very angry, we know it’s the guns that kill and not forms of entertainment. Since the US GDP depends on gun sales, this type of incident will continue to occur. I used to live about 25 minutes away from Newtown. When I drove in sometimes after visiting the Danbury Mall, I at times would get off at exit 27, but when the flagpole was not around the corner, I realized I got off at the wrong exit. It’s like NYC when you lose your sense of direction or in a small town, you look for landmarks like the freedom or water tower to find your way. It’s always a welcome and comforting site. I would usually trek into Sandy Hook to go to an Italian restaurant called Mona Lisa’s. You had to book your reservations in advance. The last time I was there, the head chef was Indian, and he would concoct these Italian meals that were truly out of this world. As horrific as the Sandy Hook tragedy was, realize that Sandy Hook is still a great place to visit, and a greater place to live. Faith Hope and Hugs to all the survivors.

    Brave MC Heros
    I just wanted to thank our men and women of the armed forces for their service. Some of what you went through is worthy of a purple heart. What you went through is just unbelievable and then you come back to these crazy shootings at home in suburbia. Hopefully the MC Hammer and PSY duet at the American Music Award and at #$%$ Clark’s Rockin eve made you smile. Once again, thank you.

    Do You? Do It!
    As we try to eat a little healthier through the new year, we are bombarded with ads for Red Robin, Carl Jr’s or McDonalds McRib and at the same time it seems that everyone celebrating their birthdays at work LOL. Try eating a Filet of Fish when you hit the drive through, or just a plain hamburger, or stop into Subway and opt for the cold turkey. Make sure to eat breakfast.

    An Apple a day
    Its resolution season, so I have a diet that will help you shed some pounds in the new year. It is called the banana breakfast diet. You just eat bananas or your favorite fruit for breakfast, and you eat normally for every other meal. You are allowed one snack around 4 PM but otherwise no desserts. Just Bing It for more details.

    Don’t Stop The Party
    My friend from Corona gave me this recipe for a Black Tartan
    1 part Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch whisky
    1 part Irish whiskey
    1 part Drambuie Scotch whisky
    1 1/2 parts Kahlua coffee liqueur
    Straight up: Float all ingredients. If you’re rockin’ it Shake w/ice and strain over ice.

    Light ‘em up. Salute and please drink responsibly

    It’s Alright
    There were a lot of memorable shows over the past couple of months that were endearing. We had Gangnam style at the American Music awards that was old school meets new school. Then we had Adam Lambert hosting VH1 divas, where he did an awesome rendition of Donna Summers’ Hot Stuff. The only thing that would have been better is if he did a duet of I’m Every Woman LOL. I was also moved by the five girls named Normani, Ally, Camila, Dinah, and Lauren that call themselves 5th Harmony and their story. The most heartfelt song though came out of the 12-12-12 concert for Sandy relief. Alicia Keys’ Everything’s Gonna Be Alright was the right song at the right time and for me it was the song of the night. You know a song is good when it makes your tear up when you hear it…twice. We are the land of the brave and there are heroes all around so be a fan for life. They will cry with you when time are tough and inspire you the rest of the way.

    Red White and Blue
    In honor of our brave heroes, I choose Chevron target 118. Don the red white and blue if you like this stock.

    If you Love LUV, wear purple. If you are fond of Jet Blue wear blue, and if you like Hanes, wear white. If you enjoy a Chiquita, wear yellow and green, if you run with Adidas wear black, if you are a fan forever of the WWE wear pink. If you are a fan of He’ershey’s wear red,green, silver and/or gold. If you have a coke and a smile wear red. Have fun with it. Buy a t-shirt. Oh by the way, C-9(A Champion brand) athletic t-shirts are available at Target for 9.99. Pick one up in your favorite color.
    Remember to pray. If you forgot how, you don’t need to fold your hands, and you don’t need to go to temple or your place of worship. Say it with your heart your soul and believe it and end it the way you were taught. Amen . (Don’t worry I’ll get around to everybody… God willing.). If you find it difficult to pray for yourself, then pray for your friends. You’ll feel better.

    This and all my posts are dedicated to my friends. I feel you. Live strong. Peace.


    Disclosure: I am not paid for anything I post here. I am completely independent. I am going to try to write something at least once a month. Next post is around January 27th. Copyrights are owned by their respective companies

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