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  • bill3442li bill3442li Jan 5, 2013 12:04 PM Flag

    It's Anyone's Game- one big bet on the future.

    this holiday they had no top 10 game. medal of honor didnt do well. im excluding sports games cause they are there every year but are not that profitable after they pay nfl license etc. dead space 3 and simcity should do fairly well for this winter.

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    • Their sports games aren't that profitable?!! You on crack? Sports games are the core of EA. I don't play them but as an investor they are awesome? People will ALWAYS play sports games, maybe get sick of 6-8 years of COD FPS, possible. Not playing their favorite team in FIFA or Madden, timeless. The product is already there, they just have to improve it and update it, low R&D... every year, year after year. This quarter will be weak but the forecast will be great and that is all the investment community cares about. For every XBox720 and every PS4 that is made EA will sell a Madden or a FIFA or a PGA, they delayed NBA for quality or maybe the new consoles, so one of them too. EA is also a distributor for not just their games but for EVERYONE else's. Origin is just one more huge aspect of EA that makes it an incredibly diverse company. There is no other game company like it out there. If they continue with their business model, ATVI will fail, it is just a matter of time. 3-5-8 years. Mark my words. WHA HA HA HA!!!

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      • no what im saying is with their own ip they get 100% of profits. that is why atvi makes so much money. the nfl players association gets 30-40 million annually. not sure what nfl deal is never been disclosed. ea has asked for reduction of 30 million during strike year. id reckon its alot more for the owners than the players. that said it provides good stable cash flows to business.

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