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  • icoracle777 icoracle777 Feb 10, 2013 11:18 AM Flag

    Lost in Translation

    February 10th

    Who is The Master?
    What’s up? Show nuff this year Chinese New Year falls around the same time as when many of us are Wookin Pa Nub on Valentine’s Day. This is a great week to grab some Chinese at the Palace down the street from the gyro, sushi and Thai places. You can grab some crispy duck that is hung in the back for this special occasion or some General Tso’s and lo mein and have some more saki. Yes I said more saki LOL. While you are at it, why not make it a movie night. Die Hard or Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez’s new movie called Parker may be on a lot of lists, but maybe you’ll decide to stream an Oscar winner. I remember 10 years back seeing the movie Lost in Translation after it won an Oscar for best screenplay. I didn’t get it so it got the “hate it” review. A couple of years later I decided to see it again as I figured I must have missed some hidden meaning the first time around. No such luck. It sucked just as much the second time around LOL.

    Ridiculousness Celebrity death match
    A few years ago there was this show on MTV where Mills Lane and two celebrity claymation stars would get it on in a battle to the death. I was thinking about what would be a good match if and when they decide to bring this show back. An extremely funny match would be Mohammed Ali vs. Ally Mcbeal. We could have two matches: one with Ali with Parkinson’s and one with him without. I know this is kind of sick, but if you watched the show you know the sickest matches were the most entertaining. With a little bit of luck, they will bring this show back.

    Don’t Stop the Party
    DJCM is sporting a Red and Black kangol hat. And his drink of choice is a Black Russian.
    3/4 oz coffee liqueur- get primed up with some Kahlua
    1 1/2 oz vodka -try something that is triple distilled.
    Light em up, Salute and please drink responsibly.

    Cable is always a good bet so why not take a look at Cablevision which is the owner of optimum online target 17 and get primed up with some Homeland or Boardwalk Empire.

    Beat the test happy dance
    I have to make a confession. I watch Maury. For some reason I am captivated by the drama of lie detector and DNA tests. I remember reading somewhere that if you stepped on a thumbtack during a lie detector test that it would throw off the test. Now you know one of the secrets of beating this test. I enjoy the DNA shows the most. The best part of the show is all about the happy dance when the guys find out they are not the father, or the mothers hear “you are the father”. So be a fan for life and do your happy dance.

    If you Love LUV, wear purple. If you are fond of Jet Blue wear blue, and if you like Hanes, wear white. If you enjoy a Chiquita, wear yellow and green, if you run with Adidas wear black, if you are a fan forever of the WWE wear pink. If you are a fan of He’ershey’s wear red,green, silver or gold. . If you have a coke and a smile wear red. If you are feeling patriotic and like Chevron, wear red, white and blue. Have fun with it. Buy a t-shirt. Oh by the way, C-9(A Champion brand) athletic t-shirts are available at Target for 9.99. Pick one up in your favorite color.

    Remember to pray. If you forgot how, you don’t need to fold your hands, and you don’t need to go to temple or your place of worship. Say it with your heart your soul and believe it and end it the way you were taught: Amen (Don’t worry I’ll get around to everybody… God willing.). If you find it difficult to pray for yourself, then pray for your friends. You’ll feel better.

    This and all my posts are dedicated to my friends. I feel you. Live strong. Peace.


    Disclosure: I am not paid for anything I post here. I am completely independent. I am going to try to write something at least once a month.. Next post is around January 27th. Copyrights are owned by their respective companies

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