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  • monk_3_1 monk_3_1 Feb 27, 2013 11:34 AM Flag

    Where's the bashers?

    This has become the most quiet msg board since we have entered the beginning of the console release cycle. I understand the missing bashers that lurk and try to cash in on things like the Newtown murders but is there no dialog regarding EA and their $4 billion revenue diverse portfolio, multi-platform, social, mobile, digital platform distributing business?... interesting. I guess that is why the stock just keeps going up. Where are all you genius's that were selling at $15 and $13? Shorty! Where are you?! Come on, this is the most hated company (beating BAC) of 2012! Certainly intelligence hasn't taken over and lead to this rise from a 14 year low of $10.77 to today's $18 per share. Who would want to make 80% profit in merely 8 months? Seriously people, customer service and a bad Mass Effect ending should still have this stock at $10 per share. Where are all you brilliant sellers?

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    • Bad customer service, bad Mass Effect ending, acquisitions run into the ground, and now a bad Sim City roll-out. I think the bashers know that those who are bullish on EA are simply going to write off the negatives. And perhaps with reason. EA's financials continue to run on inertia, but they continue to add to their iceberg of negative goodwill with their customers. The company is going to coast until they finally hit that iceberg. Then we'll see a massive correction in valuation. We're not going to see a slow but steady decline with this one. It is going to be a snap, and it is going to be a great opportunity if you can get the timing right.

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      • I think the investment community is going to see it as... "The EA servers crashed because SO many people bought the game". Why would SO many people buy the game after the ME3 ending, bad customer service, etc.? Because it is a very vocal very minority. Most people are sheep, most people avoid conflict, most people have thicker skin. Then there are the screaming banshees. EA is going to continue to make great games, especially their sports games and EA is going nowhere but up with the new console cycle once the gaming industry becomes popular (already is getting factored in hence the PPS rise of 80% in 6 months). The only thing that is going to negatively effect EA's PPS are market corrections and global economic catalysts. This company may not be run for the good of gamers but it is being run for the good of the shareholders. See: Monsanto. Don't get me wrong, I think their decision for always on DRM is totally stupid, but players that want to play Simcity are going to wait it out until things are smooth then dump the next ten years of their lives into it.

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