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  • icoracle777 icoracle777 Mar 13, 2013 7:11 PM Flag

    Brilliant Celebration 1 of 2

    March Madness is upon us, and it’s that time of year that many of us lent (except for this weekend) and some of our minds go to the mystical. Just about a hundred miles from WWE headquarters (and the US HQ for Guinness), you will find two Casinos and a little town called Mystic Connecticut. The town is know for a lobster place called Abbot’s that sells the best lobster rolls with huge chunks of lobster (don’t forget the butter and lemon). Down a few streets from Abbots you will find a pizza joint called Mystic pizza, made famous in the Julia Roberts movie, where you can grab a slice. While people trek to Mystic for its seafood, pizza and proximity to the casinos, Mystic is also famous for its witches and warlocks. I had the pleasure of meeting a TK-short for telekinetic while in the great state. She could move books without touching them. It was really cool. Maybe you’ll run into one of these along with the spiritual Catholics this St. Patrick’s day. They might just touch your heart.

    Papa preach on
    Blessings to the charitable and the faithful on the selection of Pope Francis

    An apple a day
    During my last go round, I blasted Pepsi for sourcing its oranges from Brazil. Now, a few years later, I realize that with this sourcing Tropicana was able to innovate. Tropicana now offers Low Acid orange juice that tastes great but without all the acid. Pick some up on sale this week at your favorite store. It doesn’t hurt that Pepsi was a Die Hard pump.

    Alive or Not
    Dandy Don Cornelius
    Shaquille O'Neal
    Martin Lawrence
    Paul Bearer
    Michael Jackson

    Adult Luvs
    I think that the adult diaper industry is missing the boat with marketing to NASCAR drivers. I know none of them admit it, but the drivers have to be wearing diapers. How can they trek 500 miles without going? I know I’m not alone in this assumption just Google Danica Patrick and diapers. Maybe they are all taking Vesicare LOL.

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    • Laugh out Loud
      Sometime on Saturday Night you can’t sleep so you tune in to Saturday Night Live. SNL pokes fun at everybody and everything. Who can forget great skits like Buckwheat sings or “XXXX” in a box, or the infamous Drunk Uncle. So tune in on Saturday night, or program that DVR and be a fan for life and laugh out loud.

      Don’t Stop The Party
      Yes it’s St Patrick’s Day weekend and the celebration starts tonight. So you are looking for love? Just trek out to your nearest Irish Pub and grab a black and tan or anything with Baileys and see what happens.

      How about trying a Black Irish
      3 parts Bushmills® Black Bush Irish whiskey
      1 part Kahlua® coffee liqueur
      1 maraschino cherry
      pour over ice cubes
      Stir ingredients and let sit for one minute.

      Or try this version
      1 oz. Vodka
      1 oz. Kahlua
      1 splash(es) Pepsi
      Mix the vodka and kahlua in a pint glass. Add the splash of Pepsi. Fill up the glass with Guiness.

      Slainte (pronounced Slan-cha)

      Binders F/O women
      Avery Binders fit right in with the St Patricks theme, so wear orange and pick up some Avery (target 44) binders or other Avery products from Staples

      Check it out
      Set your DVR on Tuesday nights for Dana Delany as Meghan Hunt in Body of Proof. Find out for yourself if she is red blooded Irish Redhead.

      So Mote it be or Amen (Don’t worry I’ll get around to everybody… God willing.).

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