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  • Rocky Mountain High
    Wildfires are raging all across Colorado with no end in sight. Homes and property have been damaged, but fortunately the loss of life has been minimal. Things seem as bleak as times just after the Aurora shooting. In Denver, the mile high air is not that bad, it’s just the flight in that is sometimes a little bumpy. It is a great spot for skiers in the winter and horseback riding during the other months. With the mix of cultures it’s a great place to grab a taco, some BBQ or a nice steak.

    It’s Miller Time
    July 4th is just around the corner and nothing is more refreshing than an ice cold beer. Chill out with some friends and family and live the high life. Don’t forget the Pepsi, Diet Coke and iced tea.
    Light em up. Salute. Please drink responsibly

    Would you believe I don’t have a color for this stock? If I did, I might choose Red White and Blue or Yellow. Take a look at Vonage (VN-target 4.77). With plans as low as 9.99, many people may switch to Vonage in the future. The market for these phones, in my opinion, is families that have not given a cell phone to their kids and therefore must have a phone at home. This market is not fully tapped and as people look for lower cost alternatives, Vonage is a likely choice.

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    • Bucket List
      Here is another innovative segment to keep you entertained. One thing that we all should have is a bucket list. These are things we want to do before we kick the bucket. So for this installment, my suggestion is a topless or nude beach. You see all types of people at a nude beach. Big, small and downright microscopic and they are all just out there strutting their stuff. I thought I would have some anxiety when I went, but I have to say I felt pretty relaxed because it was clothing optional, and I optioned to keep my clothes on. The funniest part was the umbrella guy in the sarong. He walked around renting umbrellas and chairs and since it was blazing hot and you couldn’t bring your own umbrella and chairs you had to rent from him. I didn’t have exact change so he was just prancing all over the place getting my umbrella and change and he gave me that look and the sarong equivalent of throwing his hair to its side. He definitely wanted to pop my lock.

      Lemonade, Darkness,Is it an A Shirt
      We all love stand up whether it be old school comedians like Eddie Murphy or new school ones like Dave Chappelle (Charlie Murphaaay) or Kevin Hart. Let me explain. These guys make you laugh. Who can forget Kevin Hart’s shtick about the weight lifting guy in the gym? Now that was hilarious. So be a fan for life and laugh until you got to wee.

      Check it out
      -Kanye West has a new album out that is downright foul but pretty good. Check out Yeezus online or at a store near you. He just might get a few new fans with this one.
      - Dan Brown of DaVinci Code fame has a new book out called Inferno. It’s much better than his last book and is a very entertaining summer read. Check it out at a bookstore near you or your favorite e-reader store online (While you’re there checkout the cookbooks).
      -Coach Factory is having a sale. Checkout the sale on eBay or online #$%$’s a secret)

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      • -Superman Pumps- Sears- ZOD! Great reboot. I didn’t see the last one because I heard it was so bad. This one is definitely worth a look.
        - 666 Park Avenue is on ABC on Saturday night. It’s a good show.

        This is a new segment, so I would like to introduce Pat who will take you through this going forward.
        Thanks ICO. I didn’t know how to start off this initial post so I thought I would try something that you are good at: pick-up lines. So here are some pickup lines for some unique situations:
        Talking politics- Do you like hot dogs? I like Weiner.
        Cupcake social- You know…..I would really like to eat your cupcake.
        At the carvel-Fudgie the whale? I love Fudgie the whale.
        On a Wednesday- In the mood for a Sundae or a hamburger and an Oreo blizzard?
        Misc. Location (sometime in the near future) – Would you like to come back to my place for some Twinkies? They still have the cream in them.
        Imaginary locksmith fantasy with Bachelorette contestants- You want to pop my lock?
        At the club- A)You want to live la vida loca? I gotta dance and pump my fists in the air.
        B) I like your mustache, but I’m ticklish. C) Are those real? They look spectacular.

        Alive or Not
        1Andersen Cooper
        2Michelle Rodriguez
        3Patrick Swayze (Thanks for Everything)
        4Robert Reed (Mr. Brady)
        5Jason Collins
        6 Jean Paul Gaultier
        7 Freddy Mercury
        8 Rupaul
        9 Billy Mays-The Oxy Clean guy -not the “You’re gonna like my nuts” slapchop guy
        10 Queen Latiffa
        11 Robin Roberts
        12 Justin Gabriel
        13 James Jordan (Michael Jordan’s father)
        14 Claire Daines
        15 Matt Damon
        16 Elijah Wood

        Remember to pray (especially for those that are sick).

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