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  • herman11 herman11 Dec 11, 1997 7:40 AM Flag

    shooting cat-aliens the fifth

    Good news that Wing Commander 5 is out. The 40 $ wall is getting deeper and thinner !

    I think Origin will sell about 600.000 in the rest of the year.

    I hope this good news (plus the cash from the Learning company deal) will help ERTS not to go down during this bad tech stock times.

    Off Topic: There are many super christmas offers - save your money and get 3 ORCL for the price of 2; get 3 QNTM for the price of 2; (same for IFMX, NOVL, SUNW, CS)

    But: come on folks: get 2 ERTS for the price of 3 !


    Greetings from Germany

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    • I'm not sure I would group this company in with the techs
      even thought its price seems to move with them.
      They don't really create technology, they use other peoples
      to create software. People mostly spend thier
      entertainment $$$'s on game software not thier technology
      $$$'s. Just a thought.

      • 1 Reply to Barginator
      • Hi Barginator,

        IMO ERTS is a tech stock. You cannot seperate their business from the business of DIMD, CREAF, INTC, NINE, TDFX, AOL not even SUNW and MSFT.

        INTC is developing the processors with more and more gaming functions (MMX). Some games point out, that they will run best on a INTC processor.
        They are big multi-media cooperation contracts between SUNW and CREAF (via Ensonique).
        All the grafic card providers have to follow the entertainment software market and have to optimize their products with 3D chips. The market for private-PCs is eyeing the gaming industrie very closely. Look at the bundles (graphic cards including a few games)
        ERTS has started the biggest online game ever. Internet providers
        are profitting from online games.
        They all belong to a big tech-family if you conentrate on the non-business side (I mean the millions of private people with a PC at home).

        MSFT is rather expanding their gaming business. OEMs (GTW, CPQ are bundling their computers with multi media sets including games.

        So i watch all these interdependencies and my invests are based on this. In the moment i own CREAF, INTU and ERTS !

        Merry Christmas for everyone !


        PS: Don't wonder about my funny english. It is because i am a German.

    • Hey, i must post to myself !

      Is there anybody out there ? Are you all playing EA-games - so there is no time left for stockchatting ?

      ERTS is fighting boldly against the market (BTW INTU does it even better) and no comments.

      On Wednesday I watched soccer on TV (Champions League - Bayer Leverkusen vs. Monaco). In the halftime there was a great EA-Sports advertisement for FIFA 98. This was the first time i have seen a software game spot (Play-consoles excludes) on TV in Germany - even in the best and most expensive time. I think this shows the strength of ERTS again.

      Nice weekend for everyone


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