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  • Raphael8 Raphael8 Apr 24, 1998 1:44 PM Flag

    Completely unsubstantiated rumors...

    I just love a good conspiracy theory. Try these... with all the usual disclaimers that I'm not an insider an have absolutely no information.... like just about everyone else who posts rumors.

    ERTS bought the WCW license so that AKLM wouldn't get it. They're going to (if they haven't already) make a big investment in THQI and have them build the damn game so ERTS can publish (or at least distribute) it. Couldn't help noticing the recent announcement that Don Traeger Productions is doing ports of more successful ERTS properties for THQI. This must mean that ERTS and THQI are still friends....

    ATVI is buying the Jack Nicholas license from Accolade (reported today), because Accolade's game is now going to become the new Tiger Woods product from ERTS. Should be hot...

    Of couse, ERTS would be crazy not to be shopping around for more acquisitions right now. They are top dog in a strong market for games with a strong stock, and a lot of other guys (AKLM, ATVI, BROD, MPRS, GTIS, you name it) are weak with weak stock prices. Though I notice that GTIS is firming a bit.

    Good luck to all! (God, I can't WAIT for E3!)

    By the way, no offense to anyone working at or holding stock in those other companies I listed above. I love em, and hold some of them myself. They even ship some damn great products, the moment none of them is ERTS. Maybe some day they will be! (By having their greatness recognized in a higher stock price... or an acquisition by ERTS.)

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    • Lots of interesting stuff on today (the nintendo story is a blast to read.. watch out for microsoft entering the hardware scene!)
      One of the things mentioned in the square-EA story was that more announcements are coming soon... and i am guessing they were not talking about earnings reports or game releases. Interesting. Does anyone know anything for real?

      Iron Clad Disclaimer: this message/opinion/observation is personal, and is based purely on publicly available information and conjecture.

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      • I received a call from my friend from 3DO this afternoon and in so many words he eluded to an interest in this company by a large software corporation. My own research points to a 25% ownership by Electronic Arts. There has been two recent run-ups in price due to larger than normal volume within the past month. What better time for a company to announce a merger or aquistion than prior to May 27, E3 in Atlanta.

        Due to the fact that small companies often have many rumors of byouts circulating within, these are often just that; rumors.

        However, with Might and Magic 6 being released tommorrow and Army Men on the 29th, this company is poised to re-enter the software market as a serious contender. So at this level a takeover logisticaly makes sense, a lower stock price now compared
        to the future.


    • wouldn't touch ERTS (except to short). GO THDO!!!!!!!!

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