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  • FRANKFCCHEN FRANKFCCHEN Apr 28, 1998 4:14 AM Flag


    bde has a balance sheet to die for. Has the real products and the technology makes the company worth at lease $5. Should be $20 by end of year.

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    • In addition to posting opinion not fact, please also refrain, FRANKFCCHEN, from using ALL CAPS THROUGHOUT THE POST. You will have an instant stigma placed on you as someone who is way to excited to be thinking with a level head.

      I, too, by the way, own some BDE, but don't want to read about it here.

    • What I have learned with some degree of pain, is that you can't believe ANYTHING you read on these boards. Everyone who pops up with these little messages is just trying to make money on the downside or the upside. I wish that all these stock manipulators would just go away. As a matter of fact, I own a little BDE, but no one in their right mind believes that the stock will hit 20 anytime in the near future.

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      • NetProphet,

        Great message, it echoes the one I put in about a month back regarding the fellow who relentlessly posted NWRE notes in our ERTS board. Pumpers should be barred.

        However there is something rather unsettling about this whole business. I've been looking at these boards the past three
        months or so and have come up with the unsavory conclusion: for some ridiculous reason, their diatribe actually works. First BAAT
        (check the Ford board in Jan). Then DGIV (which moved from 2 to 7 in a month). Then NWRE, which had a 70% gain on the day following
        the post in the ERTS board, as well as on 50 other stocks. Then IFLY, MARG, and today, PNLK. Jump over to the Infoseek board and
        take a look. Starting yesterday evening there were about 10 different PNLK messages in the Seek board, so I took the symbol down
        and plugged it into my ma We then watched it open slowly and gain momentum while building to a 62% gain, egged on by the many
        SEEK posters who sold it to buy 1000 or 2000 or 5000 shares of PNLK. Now the posts have somewhat subsided, hinting at a strong
        opening from the last stragglers to get in followed by heavy profit taking tomorrow.

        I didn't buy it. I bought Netscape instead.

        But here's the frustrating truth: lately, it seems that the performance of these stocks is directly related to the
        prevalence of these postings. Especially on the more traveled boards for the hot stocks like SEEK, etc. They're almost always Nasdaq
        stocks with low floats, price between $2 and $5 and a compelling story. And you won't see just one post but a whole lot of them.
        Here's an example, a message called "The Next KTEL?" which hit at least 10 different bulletin boards tonight pumping two stocks,
        IFLY and PUTT. Just for fun, check them out and see what they do tomorrow.

        NetProphet, I'm a loss for words. Rarely does it seem so easy to make money but it's so damned unethical. Read in the evening, buy in the morning and sell to poor old Uncle John in the afternoon. I work for a retail brokerage firm with a nasty compliance department and have wisely avoided these stocks. After all, my proof would be part of my guilt.

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