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  • spurs83 spurs83 Jul 31, 1998 10:43 PM Flag

    it's all good, the biggest battle will p

    next quarter, football, basketball, and hockey,
    this is where we seperate all the sport companies.
    aklm also makes many hits other than sports, wwf
    warzone on the cover of both magazines of blockbuster, i
    cant believe it, forsaken now only 30 dollars after
    making a ton at 50, shadowman should be a huge hit, like
    turrok, turrok 2 will be huge like goldeneye competing
    with zelda, awsome multiplayer mode, also designed for
    pc, will be huge there, southpark series of games,
    one should come out before christmas and be huge.
    batman should be a hit. also not so big games, but
    surprising are bust a move 2, on top 100 most popular games,
    surprised me big time, and iggys reckin balls, very fun
    multiplayer mode, and only $40. i am extremely surprised at
    aklm. asb, jm motocross, extreme g, turrok were also
    good games. when has aklm not made a good game, seems
    like they have great programers and know what to make.

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