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  • IdiotPHD IdiotPHD Aug 5, 1998 12:42 AM Flag

    I suppose when ERTS is 2 bucks

    youll be saying."cant wait till it hits $1.50 so I can buy some more". "Buy some more if it get this low" is equl to the loser at poker yelling "DEAL"

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    • Thank god you at least KNOW you're an

      If you can't look at the AKLM chart and see that it
      hasn't broken out yet, then I can't help you. There was
      a great opportunity to make fantastic money when
      the stock was below $4.00. Congratulations to those
      who made the big bucks. I did okay myself. Right now,
      the stock is still marking time. It's worth a bet
      (and I've made one), but not a huge one until it
      penetrates resistance (when I'll go long, long, long), which
      is very clearly defined. Of course, the 10-w moving
      average is providing considerable support, even as it
      slopes down.

      ERTS on the other hand broke out a
      while ago and hasn't proven that it's found its peak
      yet. We're here to milk the cow, and she's giving
      cash!! And after she bends down to eat some more grass,
      she's going to give us some more. So...

      buy at the next low and join us in a drink, or get
      the hell off our board!! You loser.

      Haved I
      said enough? Can you tell I don't give a S^*T how
      great some of AKLM's games are? I know they are
      positioned for a rebound, and I'm ready for it, but it
      hasn't happened yet. Buy stocks that go up. Remember

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