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  • Buck_Trend Buck_Trend Sep 13, 1999 11:53 PM Flag

    Reason for price drop

    Maybe fear of Dreamcast success had something to
    do with the selloff today. COMP USA was apologizing
    in my Sunday paper for selling out on consoles and
    games and having to turn people away. Sega has many
    months to gain a foothold. EA wouldn't make a nickel off
    it since they aren't developing for it.

    Anyhow, some profit taking was about due. This stock has
    never been volatile only on the upside.

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    • I often forget that the average ERTS investor
      (including the funds) understands less than we do about what
      can happen in the game market. Seems to me everyone
      should have been expecting a strong Dreamcast showing
      since E3, when everyone was surprised how good it
      looked and how much support it had with solid

      Now that Dreamcast has shipped and confirmed it isn't
      an outright dud, EA may look silly for having
      nothing on it. And then Sony is pricing PS2 at $375.
      Yikes. Good thing it's a DVD player and more. Of course,
      I don't honestly expect it to ship at $375 in the
      US next Christmas. That feels like such a long way
      away, doesn't it? Still, gotta say, I trust the folks
      at EA to make the right decisions on this

      Anybody know how the new Final Fantasy is doing in the
      stores here? Certainly didn't stop anyone from buying

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      • (from MMWIRE):

        Sony�s [SNE] announcement yesterday of the official
        name, launch date, price and spec of its PlayStation 2
        held no surprises, but the confirmation that the
        console will play DVD-Video discs (plus possible support
        for future DVD technologies, like audio) and have
        broadband Internet capability is clear evidence of Sony�s
        intent to make PS2 an in-home entertainment center,
        rather than strictly a game machine.
        PS2 will go on
        sale in Japan on March 4, in line with Sony�s original
        statements (mmW, March 3), with Asia-wide launch in summer,
        and US and European rollout slated for next fall. It
        will cost 39,800 yen (about $360, and the same as the
        original PlayStation�s Japanese launch price in 1994) and
        ship with a �Dual Shock 2� analog controller (which
        looks identical to the current PS controller but is
        fully analog, costing 3,500 yen, or about $32) and an
        8MB memory card (also 3,500 yen). The memory card
        will be able to store user identity and copy-proof
        musical data, although this feature will not be available
        at the time of the console�s launch, Japan Economic
        Newswire reported.
        This makes PS2 a significantly more
        expensive proposition than Dreamcast. Sega�s machine
        launched in Japan on November 27 at 29,800 yen (about
        $270), although it was cut to 19,800 yen (about $180) on
        June 24, in response to sluggish sales, following a
        claimed shortage of machines when enthusiasm was at its

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