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  • hubbubbub hubbubbub Nov 6, 1999 11:25 AM Flag

    big big big big big big

    news a comin'.

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    • Now that is overpriced. The price to sales and
      spotty earnings record make it a good target. My only
      concern there is the buyout rumours that floated around a
      few months ago. Either way it looks fully valued or
      overvalued over the short to medium term.

      holding relatively well. I shorted again after it failed
      to break through yesterdays highs. Getting a better
      payoff on EIDSY.

      Best of luck

    • I may be a bit early but I think the Nasdaq may be ready for a rest. Hopefully I get a jump in ERTS this morning so I can get a good price.

    • I took the day off today. Because I didn't like
      the action on Wed. I had an order in to sell if we
      did 89, not wanting to wait for the expected 90 for
      fear we wouldn't make it and would plunge. So... I'm
      out for now, and hoping I'm not wrong.

      could very well be right about a pull back to "only"
      85. But that's still about 5%, which is good enough
      for me. Since we've hit what I would have considered
      the optimistic target for this move, I'm guessing
      we'll pull back closer to 80. But, hey, I've been wrong
      a few times in the past. Just glad I went long
      after the expected pull-back to 77+! I'll take the
      money any way I can get it.

      Best of luck to all.

    • 1999=$72,600

    • Does anybody know what the max social security tax is that one has too pay per year. (This info will help me set my sell price)

    • I can almost hear you pressing the 'sell' button.
      I'm not selling here, simply because we blew past
      previous resistance at 85 (we had hit 84 9/16 before that
      pullback to 77) and it's not worth it to me to gamble
      selling here and trying to buy it back only 5 points
      lower. (Remember, I'm the technical guy flying at 35,000
      feet, not 1,000 like you are!!!) And I've lost two
      great stocks earlier this week before good moves up
      (CMDX and RHAT).

      But on an ERTS note, if you
      are willing to bank on the Nasdaq correcting and
      along with it, EA, then you do have about a 5 point
      downside target assuming we fill in the breakout yet again
      with a downmove to 85. But look at SEBL for an example
      of what can happen when investors finally decide
      there aren't going to be any more gap and filling
      pullbacks for a while.

      Whatever you do... all the


    • The recent strength in the stock will be
      explained before long.. too many leaks on the big deal
      they're making. I heard a progress report this week that
      made me close my short in a hurry (should have closed
      it a long time ago!) as I'm now thinking that ERTS
      is firmly on the way to 99 before it shows weakness.

    • I didn't try to suggest that SNE's buying ERTS or
      anything. Besides, I don't think the good country USofA
      would allow EA to become a Japanese sub. Imagine US
      without a major video game player! Just don't think THQI,
      AKLM or MWY can ever dream to become comparable to EA.
      I just thought there might be some more projects
      between the 2. Are there any press releases on the
      PlayStation II today? The Dreamworks Private Ryan news
      release is too weak to pull EA to new highs 2 days in a
      row. Or maybe it's just X-mas time! Stores are already
      putting X-mas decorations... and it's not Thanksgiving

      I wouldn't short this stock if I were
      you. I mean, where are the resistance and support
      leves these days?

    • I should have went long when I covered my short
      at 77. Looking to go short again but being cautios
      here. There is no corelation with SNE and ERTS. I think
      someone is trying to suggest that SNE would buy ERTS.
      That does not make sense. ERTS already in SNEs back
      pocket. They have been for years. ERTS revenues derived
      from Nintendo and DC are either small or non-existent.
      Also that may damage ERTS commitment to PC gaming as
      MSFT and SNE appear destined to face off in the
      future. More likely that smaller gaming firms would be
      bought out. Light volume on ERTS also does not indicate
      there is anything in the works.

      That being said
      ERTS looks strong and todays release of Dreamworks
      Private Ryan themed game more fuel to the fire. Lokking
      for weakness to short again. If we get a pop in the
      morning that may be my time.

      Best of luck

    • Right! I wasn't born yesterday, you know. I know a hot stock when I see one. Just that, you don't know or have any "big" news like the rest of us.

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