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  • macha12 macha12 Nov 19, 1999 11:08 PM Flag

    Big news posibilities

    a. Internet Strategy
    b. Exclusive provider of
    games for AOL or/and Sony web sites.
    c. Adquiring
    one of the small companies now that we have a hard

    d. Strategic alliance with Sony for game development
    for the SONY 2 ( it is supposed to come with Internet
    capabilities, so they would need a big provider of games. Erts
    possible chioce)

    Not many more possible big new
    IMO. I think the last one is the big news to be
    announced on Monday.

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    • And am watching to get back in lower down, or
      higher up. Whatever. It's strong, but I'll trade for as
      little as a couple bucks. I think you are right that
      we're in nosebleed territory, and we're forming the
      third line on the 15 minute chart.

      Just wish my
      accidental long position were as big as an intentional one
      would have been!

      EIDSY is incredible. Sure, you
      missed some, but you're wise not to be greedy. I wish I
      had more ERTS to trade so I could do it in stages.
      I'm never completely certain about where to buy or

      CINR is looking good. Beautiful breakout on the daily
      chart. It's now on my list. Thanks.


    • This is nosebleed territory. If they had some out of the money calls I would write against a covered positon if I were you. Too bad I sold my EIDSY down anoter $5 today.

    • In the wake of the AOL deal, I just wanted to
      make some comparisons between ERTS now and the ERTS of
      yesterday - in other words, my opinion that the trading
      patterns will never be the same.

      First, Raphael,
      I'm glad you ended up LONG - after all the
      painstaking effort and insightful postings, you deserve to be
      on the winning team when our stock starts running! I
      think it was the blessing from all the other board
      members that guided you to press the "BUY" button by
      mistake. In any event, you're long - so stick

      Now on to my main point. ERTS has NEVER gapped up
      like this before. For the last three years ERTS had
      such a beautiful orderly chart with orderly runups and
      orderly pullbacks, a great stock for playing long or
      playing short. Now however, you have a full momentum
      gap-and-accelerating breakout, the likes of which I've seen with QCOM
      in February, RHAT in September, UNFY in September
      and CHINA just a week ago.

      So, being a
      monentum player, I wanted to give you all some insights on
      this pattern!

      1. DO NOT SHORT under any
      circumstances. The stock can go up and up and up into the
      stratosphere and leave you in the dust. Just look at all the
      people who got caught shorting EBAY at 70 before all the
      splits and QCOM at 70 after the runup from 30. And let
      me say it again... no matter HOW overvalued you
      think it is, DON'T short it.

      2. DON'T set price
      targets. What's going to happen is that the stock will
      bust through your target, sell you out, and leave you
      looking for an entry point to get back in. If you like
      the company and you're long right now, sit on it and
      forget about it. Transfer and ship the certificate and
      hold it in certificate form in a safe deposit box if
      it's a long term play. If it's a short term play, you
      can trade it but realize now that pullbacks will come
      and go in a matter of minutes or hours instead of
      days and weeks.

      3. DON'T sell long position
      because you think the stock is "overvalued". Forget
      market cap, P/E multiples etc. Remember there are
      Internet stocks out there with $10 million in revenues and
      $10 billion market caps (i.e. Red Hat). Now we are an
      internet stock of sorts with $1.5 BILLION in revenues and
      an $8 Billion market cap. And a market leader in our
      niche, just like RHAT is in theirs.

      4. DON'T set
      stop loss orders on long positions unless you are a
      VERY short term trader. You can and will get stopped
      out very quickly. MM's love to create 4-5 point
      mini-panic pullbacks on momentum growth stocks to pick up
      shares when they see stop orders. If you're ready to
      sell, sell at the market.

      Well these are some
      tips on how to trade and follow ERTS as a momentum
      growth stock. I hope you find these hints entertaining
      and educational!

    • Everybody need to get lucky sometimes. Did I hear
      correctly that ERTS also buying News Corps end of the
      business. That's Fox Interactive if I am not mistaken.
      Taking some more competition out of the

      ERTS is kicking some butt this

      Congrats to the longs

    • I closed Friday LONG!

      I use Schwab's
      Velocity software, and it has a rather stupid "feature"
      that when you go to change an order before submitting
      it, it resets all of the order dialog settings. I
      tried to go short on Thursday at 89.5, but accidently
      typed 84.5. When I saw the error, I hit the "change"
      button to correct the price. But the damn software reset
      the order from a "sell short" to a "buy". After that,
      it was all user error that I didn't notice till late
      Friday my position was long instead of neutral. Imagine
      my joy this morning.

      I'm not a superstitious
      guy, but somebody upstairs must like me!

      of luck.

      Thanks for the note re: how you pick
      stocks. The "never get arrogant" part is probably the
      most important lesson for any trader.

    • Electronic Arts Schedules Conference Call for
      Monday Morning
      11/19/99 5:22:00 PM
      Bloomberg News
      Redwood City, California, Nov. 19
      (Bloomberg) -- Electronic Arts Inc., the No. 1 video-game
      publisher, said it will host a conference call Monday to
      discuss news that will be available before the start of
      regular U.S. trading.

      A company spokeswoman
      declined to provide details about the conference call. She
      said that the call wasn't related to the company's
      earnings or financial results.
      Some analysts have
      speculated in the past that the Redwood City,
      California-based company has held talks with No. 1 Internet
      service America Online Inc. about an alliance involving
      online video games. AOL officials weren't immediately
      available to comment.

      The last major acquisition
      Electronic Arts made was in September, 1998, when it
      purchased Spelling Entertainment Group Inc.'s Westwood
      Studios Inc. for $122.5 million.

      Electronic Arts
      shares rose 2 � to 92, earlier touching a 52- week high
      of 94 1/2. The shares have climbed 64 percent this

    • an earnings shortfall.

    • I hope you are not short anything in this sector.
      From the sounds of it the only way ERTS will be going
      down right now is if they are making a large

      I spend a lot of times going over ideas and I never
      get arrogant and start throwing other peoples
      opinions out the window even when they seem foolish. I use
      TC2000 for charting, but any longer term decisions are
      made with primarily with fundamental analysis. I have
      a lot of contacts in fund industry as I worked
      there for 9 years as a researcher/analyst in Canada who
      I continue to use for research reports. I bought
      into a company by the name of CINAR, CINR on Nasdaq on
      Friday on a breakout. The news coming out is setting it
      up for a nice rebound.

      Best of luck

    • That is why I said it is probably not a stock
      split. The fact that they do not have the shares
      authorized can be easily fixed by a shareholder

      Like I said you don't call an analyst meeting to
      announce a stock split. You have an anlsyt meeting to
      announce some real news and to give some guidance in
      regards to the future. I am currently not long AOL but I
      am long both AKLM, ATVI. You never know, AOL could
      probably buy out ERTS outright. We will see no sense
      speculating but fun anyways.

      Best of luck

    • If ERTS has a deal with AOL, it certainly is not
      exclusive. ELBO just signed an e-commerce deal with AOL in
      Besides, it wouldn't make sense for AOL to limitself to
      the games of one publisher.

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