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  • marlonbrandofan marlonbrandofan Jul 27, 2000 3:49 PM Flag

    Out again. Awaiting a pull back

    and that half was the weakness regarding
    I agree with his analysis on this, although i think
    that is destined for success, it is going to be
    delayed, and its going to come out without any excitement
    due to its weak content.

    His PS2 analysis is
    ridiculous. The tie ratio in Japan was weak, but that was
    explained and one more time: As i have said repeatedly the
    tie in in this country isnt expected to be anything
    like Japan, and management echoed this belief in the
    cc. ERTS did not have four ps2 titles, they will have
    four ready by the U.S. launch, and possibly as many as
    six. As for the ps2 being difficult to develop, yes
    that was said but it was said as a positive as erts
    feels that it has mastered the technology and that its
    competitors will have more trouble producing games because of
    the complexity. Erts has been able to do it because
    of the heavy focus they put on ps2 right from the
    start. And finally, NOWHERE in the CC was it ever even
    slightly implied that the PS2 wasnt as good as sony hyped.
    In fact the management was gaga over its prospects,
    in my opinion. PS2, as i have been saying till im
    blue in the face, is what is going to slay speculawyer
    and nsthl, and why? because you can't go against big
    MO. PS2 sales in Japan accounted for 6.5 percent of
    worldwide revenue for the quarter and that was basically on
    one game, with ps2 consoles hard to even come by!
    This is a rocket ship, and P/E isnt even in peoples
    vocabulary so either get aboard, or get a good view, but
    dont get in its way.

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