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  • ertsinvestor ertsinvestor Apr 3, 2001 9:41 AM Flag

    Morning bargain hunting again...

    Longs pick up your shares early today at these bargain prices, it's going to be a good day!

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    • Distribution has been obvious in the chart. The stock has gone sideways since the middle of Feb. In that time over 100 mill shares have traded. The public float is what, 10 mill? Somebody is selling a lot of stock in here.
      I do have a website that lists institutional holdings (I'll post it for you later, when I have time to look it up). It is only updated once a month. Therefore, we can only confirm after the fact what the chart has been telling us all along.

    • Drac,

      What website gets you that more current info? I could use it. Thanks. You can bet those same guys are buyin puts too.


      I have Ap 50 puts (exp Ap 21) because of the high delta. I have till about Ap 18 to see if I made a good play. The safer play are May puts (exp May 19) thus you get full impact of the Q earning announcement. It aint gonna be pretty IMO. Do your own due diligence.

      Ocean Joe

    • Funds were 81 mill long in the middle of Feb. They have been distributing for over a month.

    • Rob. Cogent post.

      Yahoo says 120 mln out, 60 mln float. Does this mean funds are 60 mln long? No fund or institute can risk owning any stock with such risky P/E. Distribution to retails presently underway. When complete, analysts will downgrade. Analysts who downgrade now risk their pay from employers, employers who depend on fat underwriting fees. All the analysts said "buy" at the peak for most all of the Nas hi-fliers. Hmmm. Anybody wonder why? Is it mere coincidence major houses unwound their positions much in advance of downgrades?

      My kids play their games and I play their Puts.


    • >>Longs pick up your shares early today at these bargain prices, it's going to be a good day!

      Famous last words. EA is going to fall and when it does it's going to fall HARD. The upside is a buck or two from here, the downside is a $45 drop. Take your eyes away from the screen for a couple of minutes and you might miss a better chance to take profits / cut losses.

      Short this sucker before the whole world does.


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