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  • murdog murdog Jan 29, 2013 3:33 PM Flag

    come on

    i dont know anyone who doesn't like a stock and spends hour after hour posting and bashing it--either you are a paid basher or trying to lower price so you can purchase HDY at a lower price and dont tell me you know more than Tallow or Dana. please do us a favor and find another board to spew your bulls**t

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    • IMHO, the longterm financial and asset future of HDY is now in the hands of TULLOW. And that future depends on TULLOW's ability to interpret, drill and find a commercial hydrocarbon bearing reservoir within the concession. I wish them well... buy it is still a high risk.. high reward new venture investment environment....

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      • At least this is more plausible as an explanation and I concur with this scenario. Tullow is the operator and what happens to this stock will depend now on Tullow more than anything else in its future. For this reason, I state that RL plays no role and he should step aside. RL will only impede the progress of HDY. SH should come to understand this if they don't already know this.

        The continuance of HDY depends more upon this happening than many can realize at this time. The Afican community in this part of the world know this already and the government of Guinea wants this event to happen sooner than later. Dana wants this to happen immediately. There are many sources that have this concensus already in mind and to prolong the process would be a detriment to all parties.

        Much of what I do is to gather this information and report to various sources their findings along with the continued work on the geoscience community, market analysis, and the intelligence gathering of this part of Africa along with the African main trends of exploration, such as the new East African Rift Play that occupies much of the focus now for Afica as it emerges as the main focus of all exploration. The Transform Marginal Play has now become secondary to the new emerging play of East Africa.

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    • s4381314 Jan 29, 2013 7:22 PM Flag

      Of Corse Laurie is a paid basher; he doesn't care what you think about him.
      His purpose is clear here: to lower the HDY share price and to destroy Ray's credibility.

      After he is done the job, he will disappear.
      I know this guy worked for Jim Spears, they are good friends.
      They want to compromise Ray in order to have him removed from the helm of the company.

      I know Ray is not transparent, but at this stage even Blackrock can play tricks.

      However, Ray is our only chance to keep this company alive, and I still hope the R/S will not happen. Wait & see.

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      • The time grows short here for any reason to believe there will be another day. My passion for the prospectivity of this concession ran its course long ago and just changing the players on this stage would not serve any purpose other than to extend the timeline for its existence. The fact of resigning or being separated meant little difference in the end. RL drained the last hope for HDY. Nothing more is left to say here. I have thought about this time coming but can't find the words to add as a footnote. Every individual will need to decide what life is left here and if there is any purpose to continue.

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      • s4381314--Either you are correct or someone calling "itself" Laurie has severe mental problems.

      • You have no idea of what you are talking about. Pure nonsense. The best that could happen for HDY is for RL to go. You just have no idea of what the process is about nor what could happen in the near term. Aidian knows better how the whole scenario will unfold. RL needs to step aside. There is no place in the scheme of how this unfolds for RL.

        You still don't understand who I am and you are just guessing here. S4381314, you are most confused and should go back into your slumber chamber.

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      • AGREE ! well said ,a little more transparency would go a long way in investor confidence.

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    • You are an amusement since you can't even get the spelling of the named Company ("Tallow") correct. It is Tullow Oil for your information. On the second score, it nlaurie72 and Marc Gerade who know the people at Tullow and Dana. These two individuals have known several of their staff for about 8 years and more, in one case.

      The rest you are free to guess. Too bad you weren't around when these names all surfaced at HDY and in Cape Town, South Africa and in Aberdeen, Scotland over the years dating back to 1995.

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