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  • fertilizer.smith fertilizer.smith Mar 1, 2013 7:37 PM Flag

    Is this going to thutty cents next week?

    I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

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    • snakebooots Mar 3, 2013 10:07 PM Flag

      I wouldn't be surprised if it went to .05 cents

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      • There is a better chance than ever that this stock is going to drop precipitously this day as the markets open and react to the news of what has been happening in the Republic of Guinea. If the catalyst of civil unrest drives this nation into CIVIL WAR by the likes of President Conde, then all will see the landscape altered and surely the assumed spudding of the Sylli well will be delayed or even postponed until all of this gets resolved. There are winds blowing to show that even a "forced majeure" could be reason to cause a clause in the JOA contract between Tullow OIl and HDY to be desolved. This would not end well for all. Read the terms of the JOA. There are always grounds in any oil and gas contract to allow for this unseen event (like a CIVIL WAR) to allow the contracted party to redraw from the obligations of such a contract due to unforeseen material events that occur.

        Thus, the reason that there could be this reaction on the part of the markets to react to this news in Guinea and bring this stock down. This stock is in a very weaken position to start. RL closed the office (quite possibly because he was told to expect this period of time to be an interval of unrest and civil disobedience from sources from within the country). Speculation here is looking more definitive that this may be the unraveling of the government that Cellou Dialoo has called for in the past from within this nation (see Tamba Jean-Matthew info being posted from within the ROG).

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    • AP 3 March 2013
      CONAKRY, Guinea -- Relatives say one protester was killed as the capital, Conakry, was rocked by two days of anti-government demonstrations in which more than 100 people were injured.
      Alpha Amadou Bah said Thursday that his brother, Teela, 22, was stabbed to death in the protests against President Alpha Conde's preparations for legislative elections in May.
      State television reported that 130 people were injured in the demonstrations, including more than more than 60 security officials. Officials say security forces fired tear gas at protesters after opposition marchers started throwing stones in Guinea's capital.
      Guinea's opposition said that it has withdrawn from the upcoming legislative election set for May 12 because it is unhappy with election preparations.
      Conde was elected in 2010, but the vote for the legislature has been delayed.

      Opposition protesters disperse after tear gas is fired in their midst, in Conakry, Guinea, Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013. Officials say security forces fired tear gas, after protests turned violent when opposition marchers started throwing stones in Guinea's capital. Government spokesman Albert Damantang Camara said Wednesday that at least 18 security personnel were injured. Opposition spokesman Mouctar Diallo said at least 9 Guineans were also injured.

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      • Who can forget days of President Conte in times that reminds some of the following:
        Witnesses: 3 killed, others raped by Guinea army....CONAKRY, Guinea (AP) — A military crackdown on protesters in a remote Guinean town this week left three people dead and dozens more wounded, while at least three women were raped by soldiers, witnesses alleged Thursday. A defense official denied soldiers shot civilians, but the incident still added to concerns about Guinea's army, which already has been implicated in a massacre and systematic rape in a country struggling to transition to democracy.

        The crackdown occurred in the town of Gueckedou, located 700 kilometers (430 miles) southeast of Guinea's capital, Conakry. Thousands of demonstrators there were calling for the resignation of a top regional official, and the army trucked in soldiers to disperse the protesters Tuesday.

        Witnesses said the army opened fire first with tear gas, then with live rounds.

        "I can confirm that three bodies were logged into the register at the prefecture's hospital in Gueckedou. The bodies have been buried. The wounded are still arriving. Some with stab wounds. Some with bullet wounds," said Sayon Teliano, a local health worker who was called to the hospital to help. Speaking Thursday, with soldiers still in the town, Teliano said the forensic report found that the three people who died were struck by bullets.

        Retired army Col. Kamano Faro, who resides in Gueckedou, said the army used the protest as a pretext to brutalize the town. He said along with the three dead, at least 103 people were hurt, and dozens of boutiques and stores were pillaged.

        "The army brought terror to our town," Faro said. "In the neighborhood of Nongo, I saw soldiers going into people's houses and breaking things. "I saw them grab the pots off of people's fires, and eat the rice and the sauce that was inside. I know a pork seller, who was robbed of all his money. They even took his pig, and slaughtered it (to eat)."

        Guinea, a nation of 10.2 million, spent much of its post-independence history under various types of military rule, starting with a 1984 coup by an army colonel, Lansana Conte. He died in office in 2008; hours later an army captain seized power.

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    • With the events of today in Guinea, one is left to question how the SP will move on Monday when the markets open. Don't look for this country to reverse the violence and death squads until the political elections are decided (or if they can be decided) between the three ethnic groups. One also has to ask if the forces of Al-Queda will intervene from bordering on the north in Mali to cause more unrest and which ethnic group they will act to pit one opposition group against another. Who said the violence in Mali didn't matter to the Republic of Guinea? Al-Queda looks for "hot spots" to focus their upheavals on nations that are weak and left without leadersip. Conde must be very concerned with his democratic republic surviving the ordeal over the next several months ahead to elections (if even held) in May. There are the very turn-of-events that can delay and/or postpone JOA in a nation that is living on the edge of violence with death squads acting for the president that is giving out guns and machetes. Tullow Oil will take all of this into consideration. RL is powerless to have any influence and he surely will not return to Conakry and will not reopen the office in Conakey since he already has closed this site. The picture continues to get worst, The market knows now thet there will be so many factors that will affect the health of this company and it SP. Certainly, "fertilize.smith" prediction is looking more likely as the next 48 hours pass..

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      • Will the rules of the "game" change with the political unrest in Guinea now full-blown? Tullow is likely to re-consider its options and what timeline will now be addressrf for the supposed drilling to come in Q2. JOA or not, the nation of Guinea could detour the ultimate outcome of this venture. The current government may not be the one in control when the deadlines start to come. ROG will decide the course of events politically over the next 12 months and all parties could be powerless to act until the three ethnic groups come to some understanding. The unrest will have to be settled before any talk of drilling can occur.

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    • You might be on course to see this happen. It definitely looks like there is building a chorus of concern and dissent over on the IV MB. The ax is grinding and getting restless. RL only serves the stir this pot hotter. This week's CC continues in his long line of distorttions, not anwering the most basic of questions (like the missing funds), and in denial of any wrongs. This whole company reeks of untruths and serves notice everyday of how the monies of gone from the SH'ers to the bank accounts of RL and his cast of players both on the BOD and the technical staff. Nothing new to report as usual.

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      • RL only serves TO STIR this pot hotter. This week's CC continues in his long line of distorttions, not anwering the most basic of questions (like the missing funds), and in denial of any wrongs. This whole company reeks of untruths and serves notice everyday of how the monies have gone MISSING from the SH'ers to the bank accounts of RL and his cast of players both on the BOD and the technical staff. Nothing new to report as usual. Where and why is there $10 M dollars MISSING from the coffers of this company.

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