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  • dr_jekel dr_jekel May 26, 1998 8:31 PM Flag

    5-26-98 july corn 2.40 1/2 dn 6 3/4

    July soybeans 6.23 dn 11 3/4
    July sb meal
    155.10 dn 3.60/ton

    one transaction 25000 +
    25000(sell and buy) accounted for 50,000 of the 67,700 share
    volume today.

    The mississippi delta has corn
    growing where cotton is traditionaly grown. I have seen
    it myself. I probably should be short corn futures.

    a 2.47% drop in price today of corn.

    I will
    be researching how much corn we have in U.S.
    reserves now
    as compared to this time in '97,'96 and
    '95. There is no doubt someone that reads this board
    that knows.(Cliff) I have heard but it escapes my

    With the tsn upgrade and the great prospects for chx I
    am as bullish as ever on chx. My techs are getting
    hammered and I am only waiting for a chance to pull out
    and put my money in chx.

    It appears we are
    headed for a broad market correction. If in fact the
    market drops dramatically the fund managers will be
    looking for VALUE stocks. With a PE near 10 and a
    brite future. The fund managers will be all over this
    stock. If we experiance such a correction chx should go
    no lower than 13 most likely no lower than 15. And
    rebound quickly back to 17 in a month. I'm talking about
    a dow drop to 8000. A drop to 8500 to 8700 should
    have no material effect on the value of chx.

    liken a market correction to being constipated for
    about 5 days
    you know you need to go but just can't
    but after it happens you feel soooo much better. This
    market needs to relieve a little pressure. Then we will
    quickly see 10,000.

    For anybody that reads this
    board and owns this stock it is great
    that somebody
    from corporate reads this board. I own several stocks
    and have many thousands of dollars invested and read
    those boards daily. I occasionally post but this is my
    sweet heart right now. I have trading stocks and keeper
    stocks and I think chx is a keeper.

    Cliff Butler
    thanks for reading this board. I don't have to ask
    know it's you. In my opinion that alone is enough to
    convince me that every person that reads this board should
    own chx. You don't get this kind of access anywhere
    else. You are APPRECIATED
    like the fact that you seem concerned enough to want
    to hear what the people think. THANKS!!!

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    • no real technical support until 7900-8000. I
      really hope I'm bad wrong.

      I can still see
      reason for a rally to though. All this money being
      pulled out will be reinvested at some point in time,
      bonds and banks pay between 4-6%. Not very attractive.
      Maybe we'll see some ol time value investing and
      technical analysis will mean something again.

    • As the market approached 9000, I could not
      understand why it was above 8500 which I thought was
      extremly high value.. but sometimes you have no choice but
      to go along for the ride. So now a little pull back
      is not unexpected either. but it hurts the techs as
      Asia takes the blame for overinvesting. Perhaps if
      things continue to unwind Chx will move higher as a
      saftey play.

    • Thought you might have been a broker. Have no
      respect for those bastards. However, with the level of
      investing intelligence you generally run into on these
      boards I can see how they can make such a good living.

      My wife won't let me invest full time. She say's
      investing income + work income = more dollars. She's
      probably right. If I have a good year this year I may
      invest full time in either '99 or 2000. Besides I have a
      LOT of toys i have to pay for.

      Back to

      Overall market is beginning to make me nervous. I was
      glad to see the market end on the upside friday.
      However, I don't think the market correction is over. 9300
      to 8800 is a 500 point difference. If we break 8500
      the next support is 7900. Actually the market would
      probably perform better and more predictably at 7900 than
      at current levels. Damn I hate it when i sound like
      a bear. But I am also a realist and know the nature
      of the beast.

      As i said before 8700 to 8500
      we will see no material affect on the price of chx.
      I think below 8500 to 7900 those folks that have a
      cost per share of 9 to 11 will be protecting their
      money and selling half. I firmly believe we have seen a
      good deal of that the past two weeks.

      I hope i
      am wrong about all of this.

      Been telling
      this board for 2 months chx is a strong

      i'm going to be increasing my position in tsn and chx
      next week.
      Pulling out of techs.

    • Never traded corn--tried gold,oj,stock
      indexes,but never corn. I find your post interesting and your
      knowledge unsurpased, since I live in a small town where
      futures trading is all but only dreamed about by the
      locals. As tempting as it looks, Im going to pass on a
      short position in corn. Good luck and I hope it rains
      on your corn crop.

    • Only trying to clear the air of paper traders and
      chickencrap. I think the crabby cagle's guy has reared his
      ugly head again.


      stockpiles and price predictions. I can't understand why the
      grain speculators haven't bailed on corn futures yet.
      WSJ predicting corn at 2.05 in dec. I think we may
      beat that. Been researching historical corn prices and
      stock piles.

      12-1-93 5,936,548,000 bushels
      6,336,400,000 bushels harvested 2.50 per bushel marketing year

      12-1-94 8,080,715,000 bushels
      10,102,735,000 bushels harvested
      2.26 per bushel marketing
      year price

      12-1-95 6,105,774,000 bushels
      7,373,876,000 bushels harvested 3.24 per bushel marketing year

      12-1-96 6,903,711,000 bushels
      9,293,435,000 bushels harvested 2.71 per bushel marketing year

      12-1-97 7,246,756,000
      bushels 9,365,574,000 bushels harvested
      2.60 marketing
      year price

      My prediction 12-1-98
      8,360,283,000 bushels 10,000,000,000 bushels
      1.90-2.05 dec. corn for delivery.

      Why? 1996 #4 all
      time record harvest 1997 #3 all time record harvest
      1998 #2-#1 all time record harvest
      cow and hog
      herds have been decimated over the past 3 years. Many

      cattle and hog farmers have sold out or reduced their

      With corn harvest near record levels. the
      past two years and the hog and beef herds severly
      reduced I'm surprised at the continued support of corn
      prices. I think it may all come to a head in december.
      Corn will be 2.00.

      The speculators better
      keep in mind that with the incresed value of the
      dollar. US corn becomes even more expensive and the law
      of supply and demand will take over driving corn
      down further.

      One more good rain for
      the cornbelt around the last week in june and another
      the second or third week in July and corn prices have
      had it.

      ps. jacksquat, crabby cagle guy? i,
      we, this board would never confuse you with a rocket
      scientist. Your timely and worldly advice is invaluable "buy
      low and sell high". No your not a rocket scientist,
      but a financial genius, you are. Using your advice I
      think I'll wait until cagle's reaches 6 and has at
      least a daily volume of 5, Please continue to
      post, your humor and wit is beginning to amuse me.

    • Find me at TPS BRKT PSDI

    • I cant see 13-14 even if the market dives. As
      said 10x is value so why drop at all, considering corn
      prices ect.. Super support at 16 1/2. The seller was a
      turkey not a chx. look for another hi reguardless of the
      market. Stocks make a market-- a market doesnt make