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  • stugots2000 stugots2000 Jul 2, 1998 2:49 PM Flag


    A market maker buddy of mine suggest evaluation
    of PE multiples to equal proposed growth rate in a
    stock. ie. if a stock is growing at 20% per year, a PE
    of 20 is warranted. This is not a rule of thumb, but
    just an idea to be considered along with other
    important factors. This is one reason I consider CHX to be
    undervalued. I doubt 20 1/16 since this move started at 20 and
    over 100,000 shares traded this morning with most of
    the volume around 22 than nothing after that. Fast
    money should go look someplace else.

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    • Can anyone explain to me the theory of compound interest and whether or not it works if a stop loss sell order is executed??
      Boy I'm starting to think I need a "PHD" for this investing.

      • 1 Reply to razorback2000
      • a rocket scientist....nor einstien.....and you
        don't have a phd.
        However, it is obvious you are
        intellectually challenged.

        Jacksquat lives!!!!!!!!!!King
        of the no substance post...In your absence over the
        past couple of weeks could you not have done a little
        research, beyond reading mine and stugots posts and maybe
        make a decent contribution to this board.

        bet your broker loves you. How many times a day do
        you call your broker to check on your account? I can
        tell you are a know nothing pain in the ass and your
        broker would probably love to tell you

        Bearing in mind your intellectually challenged I will
        give you a tip. BUY CHX

        Sell your safm and cgla NOW and BUY CHX!!!!!!CHX will
        be 30 by december.split adjusted.