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  • dr_jekel dr_jekel Jan 8, 1999 7:58 PM Flag

    coondog, musky, moony and stugots is it

    are we setting on a goldmine. Anybody want to
    attempt the quiz. Lets see 5% reduction in cost of
    production due to the lowered cost of feed stuffs; plus a 9%
    increase in the price of raw chicken and the earnings are
    phenomenal. 1.85 as listed on yahoo shouldn't even touch 99
    earnings if we have no extraordinary charges or something
    along that line. I don't care how much money you have
    made, do not sell;this is a 36 to 50 dollar stock. The
    MMs will probably drop this baby back to 20 next week
    to shake a few shares loose, but do your dd and be a
    savy investor. At a pe of 20 this is a 36 dollar stock
    and a pe of 30 this is a 54 dollar

    Stock split-i refered to it many, many post ago when we
    were 24-25, as i stated before, this stock has never
    split and it will be interesting to see how bo and the
    boys handle it. I for one would like to see this stock
    in the 13 to 15 dollar range post split. Just a 1%
    increase in income less a 1%savings in cost does one hell
    of a job on the bottom line of this little company.
    Do the dd and the math to find out.What if savings
    on feed is 5% of total cost and increase chicken
    costs increase revenue by 5%, what does the bottom line
    look like then.

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