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  • Bob4356753 Bob4356753 Aug 19, 1999 3:19 AM Flag

    Recent Actions were intended to........

    enrich a limited number of insiders. Look at the
    timing on the insiders board. It has not worked exactly
    as they had hoped tho.
    Understand that the powers
    that be are basically people with necks of color. Rich
    ones mind you, but they began as hands on chicken
    people. They have been seeing all the IPOs skyrocket,
    became jealous, and are still smarting that they walked
    away way back when Tyson Foods made a good offer(at
    the time) for controlling interest. Pity the
    employess of CHX whose retirement savings is all in CHX and
    CHXa !!! The live chicken hangers, the knife line
    workers, the people who clean up the cold wet slick smelly
    dark plants. Has anyone ever seen Bo's prayer tower?
    Ya'll know he's very religious. They really thought and
    probably still think what they have done is a good idea.
    And it is for some(look at the insider listings)
    NOTE: These are rambling opinions. Everyone has some.
    These are mine and may or may not reflect reality as
    you see it. Did ya'll notice that Cliff was wrong
    about how the stock was being reported ? Where we at
    now, split adjusted ? $20 and change. What if grain
    goes up? The small companies that CHX would want to
    buy, the ones ya'll have mentioned here before will
    fight tooth and nail to prevent being purchased by a
    company that has botched things like this recently. If
    you were a stockholder of a small stable family run
    poultry company would you agree to a sale? CHX will have
    to overpay for anything they try to buy in the near
    Ramblings of someone who knows nothing about

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    • Only time will tell who is right, Mr. Hyde. For
      now, I'll leave it to you and the other negatrons to
      use the bathroom all over YOUR investment. No one
      made you buy the stock. You bought it based on your
      own brain power. Quit crying and be a man. Good day.

    • First of all, i wish i had had the good sense to
      short this sorry piece of shit=POS.

      Second of
      all may welcome cliff with open arms but
      don't expect me to...Pias arrogant egotist are not
      welcomed....someone called cliff came on here blaming yahoo for not
      reporting the correct price..

      third, i challenge
      anybody that wants to post here and trash me for my
      negative sentiment to go back and reread ALL my post...I
      don't poor piss down anybodys back and tell them it is

      fourth, chorinthians, i don't give even the smell off a
      fart for your opinion...CHX=POS this dividend fiasco,
      I for one sees no light at the end of the keep all you want...but don't expect
      me to change my opinion...CHX was a sell along time
      ago, now it is just a POS in my porfolio looking for a
      place to be bought out.

      fifth, Bob is absolutely
      right, if CHX is such a damn good buy, why aren't bo and
      the boys buying like there is no

      sixth, i don't know how many times i have posted about
      PR...hire a pr person just to promote the

      seventh, the scariest part is all those issued and as of
      yet not outstanding any chx stock owner
      should know...the market was soft for chx before the
      dividend fiasco...but it is headed to shit levels...I
      truly am beginning to wonder just how damn low we can
      go post split.

      eight..chx has beat the hell
      out of earnings the past 6 or 7 quarters...the stock
      price is shit now...safm and tsn missed

      nine...i must have one hell of a following if my NEGATIVE
      comments are affecting price...however, my opinion will
      not be swayed by someone appointed to monitor this
      board and try and quash my negative
      comments.. sentiment will change when someone big at CHX has
      the balls to admit...that timing wasn't right for an
      offering, the dumb ass that put this together offers up
      his/her resignation and just plane admits that the
      dividend fiasco was a screw up.

      eleven, bo and the
      boys have lost a pile of dough on paper, but i wonder
      what their credit line now looks
      like... bob..I would feel like dogshit if i was the
      dumbass that thought this dividend bullshit up

      thirteen...(notice i end with and unlucky number) I wouldn't buy not
      a share clear objectives come from HQ, and
      if we get those additional shares offered we are in
      for a longer ride to the bottom.. i equate this to
      the HFI ecoli fiasco...we go into a bear market (oct
      is just around the corner) and chx stock will be at
      dogshit prices..

      remember just the musings of a
      psychotic, disgrunted, pissed off, crazy ass stock holder
      that is trying to discredit the wonderful job
      management has done....LMAO

    • I have owned CHX since the very first day it hit
      the street. I have stuck with the stock through thick
      and thin and well remember when the stock was trading
      for only slightly less than it is now when the
      current and future profits were slim to none. I am not
      trying to manipulate anyone. I couldn't if I wanted to.
      The stock was a steal at 10, it is an absolute
      give-a-way at 8. As far as Hyde is concerned, and you for
      that matter, if you own the stock, why do you want to
      talk negatively about it? How does that possibly help
      anything? My point is that the same great company with
      great numbers which caused you to buy the stock in the
      first place is being offered up to you at a heavy
      discount to true value, particularly in the "A" shares. I
      believe it always helps to be positive when the facts
      support doing so. I will remain positive because I have
      all the confidence in the world that this thing will
      turn very soon and reward all of those who are buyers
      at this level and who have held on since the split.
      I will admit that someone dropped a ball somewhere,
      could have been the underwriters, I don't know.
      However, future earnings will push the stock back up. Stay

    • chorinthians13...what are you trying to do? I
      like hearing Mr_hyde's opinions. His opinions are
      honest. None of us here are buying the HYPE that you seem
      determined to spew forth on this board. You said buy at 10
      and now we are trading in the 8's. So far you haven't
      said anything that has helped anyone here. And now you
      are attacking longtime shareholders of CHX. You can't
      manipulate us with your HYPE! I ask you again....WHAT ARE
      TRYING TO DO HERE???????

    • Will Always help. Will it push the stock back to
      previous highs, unlikely.
      But it is good PR, it shows
      confidence and is warm and fuzzy at a time when GOOD PR is
      needed badly.
      Like you I wonder who is doing PR. If
      they are too dumb to get Bo dressed up in his getup,
      his kids, his new and old executives, and some
      high-profile CUSTOMERS together for a Photo oportunity and a
      short question and answer session to announce that they
      all think the stock is way undervalued, and if market
      makers cannot or will not support the stock, well by
      Golly Gee Whiz, the company, its executives, and its
      customers are here to support it themselves. Record it to
      digital video disk, make copies and then send some good
      PR guys and gals around the country talking and
      smiling. And when you know some big media is going to look
      at your show, put Bo or one of the big guys and some
      of the little guys on ONE of the company planes to
      be there for it.
      ALL of the too expensive
      executives should be buying privately. They CAN afford it.
      Cause the weekly volume to triple with their buys. And
      the corporation should declare that they will be
      buying over the next 12 months come hell or high water.
      Show some confidence in a return to an upward trend.
      HINT about how its' cheaper to aquire than build, and
      that they do intend to go ahead with preliminary looks
      at unnamed quality companies. I know Cliff Butler is
      crushed emotionally about the turn of events, but I know
      I speak for all here his honesty here now as he has
      before would be welcome and we would not eat him up. WE
      If Pilgrim's Pride is
      really devoid of someone with lots of ideas for Public
      Relations, I am available for a song. Cliff ???

    • Hyde, Go ahead and give me your "wrath". What it
      possibly has to do with the price of CHX, I do not know,
      but you seem to feel that it is something really
      special, so let me have it. Maybe you can get a life
      afterwards and try to help your investment instead of trying
      to convince everyone how it is the whole world
      except for you's fault that this investment is
      temporarily not doing what you thought it would do. You made
      the investment. The company took steps that it
      thought were in the best interest of the stockholder, and
      there has been a temporary setback. Average down and be
      patient. You will be a lot happier and live a lot longer.
      Have a good night.

    • This is fun. I have never gotten so much
      attention on a message board. I think Hyde is more upset
      with me than he is the stock going down. He is down
      over 10K by his count and he is questioning my
      scientific ability. He does seem to have much confidence in
      his own investment abilities. As for the price of
      CHX, it is clearly ridiculously low. It is obvious
      that most of you bought the stock based on your own
      due diligence when it was much more expensive. Give
      that the company is the same, the profit prospects are
      excellent, the pe is low, etc. if it was good buy then, why
      is it not a better buy now? As for Pilgrim employees
      who have seen 401K and stock purchase plan accounts
      go down in value, they have been long time faithful
      holders of this stock and I believe they will continue to
      be. If those of you who own the stock will get real
      and quit bad mouthing everything and get on the
      bandwagon, maybe focus can be drawn to the facts which
      support a much higher stock price. I have never seen so
      much bad mouthing except by obvious short sellers. Is
      that what you are Hyde? I am still a buyer, not a
      seller, and will be for years to come. Give me all you
      want to give away at these levels. Hyde, your wrath
      means nothing to me.


      DAMN, someone
      tell BO please send more vaseline....My ass is
      starting to tear...down 10k of my own money on this

      Lets see Chorinthians loaded up at 10 and change...he
      aint no rocket scientist....

    • What has the management been doing to boost the stock? Are there any "Road Shows" planned to prop it back up? Would buying back some of the stock help?

    • I'll that your message as a bookend to mine. The
      madness has to stop. The peasants can't eat cake. Get out
      the chopping block. Let Pittsburgs' streets run with
      the blood of the people who started this mess. Power
      to the common stockholder. Another single opinion.

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