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  • golfvek43 golfvek43 Dec 14, 2011 9:23 AM Flag

    Question for you


    Do either of you know of any REIT fund that pays a quarterly dividend of 65 cents a share? I got this newsletter yesterday where they touted a income fund (REIT) that pays 65 cents a quarter and sells for less that $20. I even checked the individual REIT stocks (AGNC, MFA, NLY, etc) and could not find anything.

    Just curious..


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    • Fred, Good luck and Congrats with your retirement! I am sure with you shrewd investment skills that everthing will work out great for you. Best of luck and thanks for helping me understand Mutual funds better. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the kind thoughts! I am doing this with some trepidation as I am only 59 and can't draw on my IRA until April and don't get my work pension (annuity) and social security until I am 62. So I have almost three years to go before I can collect social security and my largest single pension annuity. My wife is now 63.

      Most important, I will be going off our group health insurance and into the private market for it. But, we've done the math and even if we have a worst case scenario for the health insurance we should be OK.

      We'll be saving quite a bit in home costs by selling our home in Oregon and buying in Arizona (like around $1,000 a month).

    • Sorry for the bad pun Fred but UNWPX nav has been dropping like a rock. Do you see a turn around in the future? Thanks

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      • Hey, it's why I have a tiny foothold in that fund! :-)

        I view it as a long term hold that is going to give me a nice distribution year end, but is also going to be very very volatile. What I look at is the fund's long term performance. When I look at a Morningstar chart and view total return it beats GABUX, for example, over 3 and 10 year periods and is almost the same over 5 years. It's the last year that sank UNWPX.

        They had some gold stocks that simply crumpled in the last quarter. Their second largest holding is Agnico-Eagle Mines (AEM) and it fell from a high of $82 to less than $40. Ouch!

        I'm learning more about this sector. Probably smarter to learn before buying some....

    • Wow. Another awful day for the market. Not going to buy anything else until it gets out of this downward spiral. Looking for some good news out there and I hope we get some soon.To depressing to watch. I think I will go bowling and stop watching for a while. Have a nice day gentleman.

    • I ran a Morningstar screen for REITS paying $2.60 in the trailing 12 months whose last close was under $20 and there are two: American Home Mortgage Investment Corp AHMIQ whose current price is .01 cents and Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc IVR selling at $14.76. If they are absolute about the under $20 and a quarterly dividend of 65 cents then they must mean IVR.

      IVR is one to avoid!

      I am looking at New York Mortgage Trust (NYMT)because I am concerned about my high agency mREIT exposure with a heavy weighting in AGNC and ARR. When rates go up those two are going to go down. So I am going to slowly move out of both over the next year or two and into other more diverse high dividend yielders. I don't want to add more RSO because I'm way overweight in it and probably won't add more GABUX. So I am looking at other possibilities.

    • Good Morning Golf. The closest one I know of is NLY. It pays .60 a quarter and is currently trading at 16.22 a share. They should be announcing the dividend today or tomorrow. I am hoping it stays at .60 or better as I own it. GL.

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