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  • pierrules pierrules Jan 31, 2012 5:07 PM Flag

    I still haven't received my GABUX

    I agree! Couple of questions for you guys. How much do you pay per trade? And have you ever switched brokerage houses and how big of a pain in the neck was it? This happens to me with all of my dividend payers.Thanks.

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    • I pay $0 per trade at Wells with 100 free trades per account per year with a minimum total balance of $20,000 (which I am waaaay over). And I actually have seven accounts there. I have two IRA accounts, a Roth, and a brokerage account. Then my wife has two IRA accounts and a Roth. So each account gets 100 free trades. All of them are linked to my checking account so I can transfer money back and forth to and from the checking account and brokerage account. Their trading platform sucks. But then again all I need is something to use to make the actual trades. I don't care about research tools and all.

      At Schwab I pay $6.95 per trade (I think). But I don't do any stock trading now in my Schwab account.

      I have moved accounts before. It isn't a big deal for an IRA because you can open a new IRA in the new place and sell everything in the old one and then just rollover the cash and reinvest it.

      It can take up to a month to actually transfer the shares from one place to another. I did that a couple of times and I only did it with things that I knew I wouldn't want to sell or mess with in the next month.

      It's easier to move the cash. But you don't want to sell brokerage account stuff for a profit or loss and then move the cash unless you want the profit or loss on your taxes that year.

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